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    Orthodoxy is not christianity. It is 90 % of old ancient slavic beliefs and only 10% jewish i think . We believ in no angels but believ in saints. all these saints have some role or are protectors of something like saint Nicola was defender of fishermen...in ancient slavic...
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    Looking For Orthodox Friends

    hi all! i m so in need of real othodox friends. i m so lonely as i do not any people from my religion to worship God Almighty together. I do have Christian friends, and attend The Bible Study, but once i m by myself at home or at school, i m again so looking for people of the...
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    Kali Anastasi!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Pascha weekend- kali anastasi!
    sandunguera sandunguera
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    Just Converted

    I just converted, not to long ago, from Agnosticism to Eastern Orthodoxy. A lot of my family is Lutheran and don't understand why, out of every subsection of Christianity, I picked Orthodoxy. Is there any thing specific I can say to them to make them understand because what I...
    kailadarling kailadarling
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    My family and I became catechumans today.

    Took our first step towards the church together and now as our priest told us, the hard part now begins because we will always be learning new things. My father is an Anglican priest but has always taught us a lot of the orthodox beliefs. As I begin listening to lectures from...
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    Mar 26, 2014


    I'm undergoing a test of my faith and I am trying to stave off lonliness and boredom in a way that keeps me out of trouble.  See if I can connect with some people.  I'm a bit isolated, you see.
    borderguard borderguard
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    My Orthodox Path In the Last 18 Years

    I was born July 10th 1989 at 9:42 pm i was 10 weeks premature and the doctors didnt think i would make it. the next day i was baptised and Orthodox Christian in the NICU at woman and Childrens Hospital that was my first experience with Orthodoxy. 2 years later i witnessed...
    LebanesePrincess LebanesePrincess
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    Marcos, Servant Of Christ

    My name is Marcos and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was born from a Baptist family and I was baptized when I was nine years old. My first steps experiencing God's love were taken in the Baptist Church. There I learned a lot which made the person who I am now. When I was...
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    Here Are Some Free Booklets To Help Out....

    lea1307 lea1307
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    Apr 28, 2012

    I Am An Orthdox Christian

    Hi, I'm Wyldfire and I was raised Roman Catholic, and I attended parochial school. Throughtout my life, I have had an interest in religion and spirituality of all sorts. I was aware of Eastern Orthodoxy as a child but never thought to check it out. Throughout my teens, 20s, and...
    Wyldfire Wyldfire
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