I Am Complicated

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    Last night was the first whole night spent

    together. Now I don't want to sleep a night without him. Although I can't stop being afraid. It's so hard to enjoy the good when all you can expect is the bad. All I can wish for is that he's sincere and truly in love with me as I am with him. It's becoming exhausting expecting...
    BeautifullyAmiss BeautifullyAmiss
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 7, 2015

    I hear that a lot yet I don't believe it.

    People who care enough to look past the fake smiles and uncaring attitude find the truth. Humans are complex beings but their emotions are very simple. People always say they can't seem to figure me out because I'm too complex or they can never tell what I'm thinking, but I'm...
    pixiestar100 pixiestar100
    22-25, F
    Jan 10, 2014

    Too Hard

    "I am complicated" or so i have been told. I have been told that i am complicated & complex & frustrating! I don't think i am as for me this is all normal. I have alot of complex mental health & physical issues. I've been told this a lot lately...
    wowpup wowpup
    41-45, F
    Oct 24, 2009

    I feel like there's two halves of me.

    I'm extremely paranoid, almost all the time.I feel like a failed experiment in parenthood to my mom, just a reminder of my dad and a problem to deal with. I feel insane, just a feeling of not being right, brought on by being a social pariah for 7 years and having a terrible...
    Guy546 Guy546
    1 Response Mar 27, 2014

    I don't understand things most of the time.

    Not your thoughts especially.You'll have to tell me what your feeling and how your feeling,what your thinking and how your thinking it.I can't help its just how I am.It's an Australian thing my Dad always told me,when I was depressed.I never understood it but now I do.!!😁
    DopeJay DopeJay
    16-17, M
    1 Response Sep 6, 2014

    You didn't wake up this morning cause you

    didn't go to bed. You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red. The calendar on your wall is ticking the days off. You've been reading some old letters, You smile and you think how much you've changed, And all the money in the world couldn't bring back those days. You...
    AndreiTarkovsky AndreiTarkovsky
    26-30, M
    May 18, 2014

    Pretending is exactly what is happening Do i

    have to keep it this way? Knowing that it keeps me alive The reason for my uncommon indifference To be honest, I am never happy with the situation I am involved My family and my are my only source of strength And most of the times it gets so alone and sad that I'd rather die...
    Keepyourcool Keepyourcool
    18-21, M
    Sep 14, 2015

    We'll Just Add This One to the List

    Goodness! Who isn't a complicated or complex person?...wait, don't answer that. ;) All joking aside....people are like onions....hehehe I think that everyone is complicated. I mean that's just a part of being human. We all have flaws and strengths; hopes and failures; amibtions...
    vinividivici21 vinividivici21
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Aug 6, 2008

    Whether I am happy or sad,

    in or out, busy or free, I am always complex, convoluted, and deep, never simple.
    wombat456 wombat456
    46-50, M
    Oct 23, 2014
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