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    My father did something that no one should have to go through, no one, not even a murderer... I'm not going into detail about what he did to me and my siblings, the memory is to much... anyway... my dad destroyed all of my trust... not only in him... but in everyone... people...
    ADemonsFate ADemonsFate
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    2 Responses Jun 22, 2013

    My Life, Short :P

    I've always had issues with belonging. i've always wanted to feel loved and accepted but in the past i have never felt that way. i wanted to belong somewhere, i tried my hardest in school no matter how much was bullied i kept trying, until i gave up. i gave up and listened to...
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    1 Response Jul 18, 2013

    Yep And Here Are The Reasons Why

    I'm disabled I've never fitted in the world with normal people. I always knew that but then mom got a boyfriend he seemed nice they got married mum had my lil bro but Lee became abusive to me and mom it hurt me and broke me inside. I first tried to kill myself in year 6 I started...
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    (Revisited) His breath was hard

    and ragged in my ear, and he was struggling to keep his hands to himself. I was a tease. I know I made him that way on purpose. I was a kid. I did those things and disregarded the possible consequences. Consequences such as his arousal. "Do you want me?" I had softly questioned...
    Antigani Antigani
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    2 Responses Mar 27, 2016

    I jus don't understand what I do wrong in my

    life. I'm not in a bad place, or what others would consider a bad place. I just can't seem to get out of this destructive and broken cycle. It circles around me like a whirlwind of emotion. It's a raging storm of pain and sorrow that shatters the windows of my soul. I don't even...
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    Feb 11, 2014

    I Am Damaged

    I am writing a book called I am damaged.  Out of curiosity I was using a search engine and typed in "I am damaged" just to see what popped up and so here I am.  This is the introduction to chapter one I hope you like it, I am about 30,000 words into the book on chapter three...
    lcmugger lcmugger
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    Jul 15, 2011
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    Mar 19, 2015

    It all began when I was in elementary school.

    My dad had (and still has, but not as bad as earlier in my life) major problems controlling his anger. He'd scream at my older sister and I if we weren't doing what he wanted in addition to being in a bad mood. I was only 5 at the time, and my father is a large man, 6'7" to be...
    ABCDemon2 ABCDemon2
    18-21, F
    Oct 29, 2014

    After Cancer........

    After my wife's level 4 cervical cancer and it's subsequent effects on our marriage nearly 6 years ago I am permanently damaged. I am living a bisexual monk's existence! But given the insincerity of family and supposed "friends" there's little choice but to die this way.....
    leachera leachera
    51-55, T
    Aug 13, 2011
    bonniekildclyde bonniekildclyde
    31-35, F
    Jan 14, 2015

    I like damaged people they know one thing

    or two about pain..you will know pain is the main ingredient in life... and thats because you don't get happy without sad, you don't well without bad...andyou don't find joy without pain...and people always try to avoid it...they say it builds character...to me it only makes me...
    madhatter22 madhatter22
    26-30, M
    Dec 11, 2015

    I Am Your Ultimate Damaged Girl

    Im the poster child for damaged but I try to hide it but im pretty sure the cracks show through
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    I am worthless, and everyone knows it. I only have one friend that helps me get through everything i go through. Everyone else either doesnt care or doesnt understand. I want to die so very bad. But im holding on for my best friend. He doesnt know how much he means to me. Hes the...
    FarOutFreeSpirit FarOutFreeSpirit
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    1 Response Aug 26, 2013

    His breath was hard and ragged in my ear,

    and he was struggling to keep his hands to himself. I was a tease. I know I made him that way on purpose. I was a kid. I did those things and disregarded the possible consequences. Consequences such as his arousal. "Do you want me?" I had softly questioned. I'd never felt so...
    Antigani Antigani
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    2 Responses Jan 3, 2016

    I've been married for 3 years to a person

    that I thought I was going to grow with, support, respect, and love with my whole heart. Did we get married to soon? Should I stay? Should I start fresh? These are questions I have thought of over and over and over. God doesn't give you anything you can't handle but I think he...
    Sagittarius09 Sagittarius09
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 26, 2014

    I don't even know where to start,

    I've been lurking the posts of this site looking at all the experiences others have had and comparing them to my own, and some of them are quite similar to my own story, too bad I don't know where to start. I could start at the beginning, you know? but that is such a general...
    18-21, F
    Dec 11, 2014

    I have a past. I've recently come out of a

    relationship and it's really hard sometimes. I just need someone to talk to and listen and understand me. I'm a really good listener too, i just really need support. Or something, i don't know. I feel really damaged and broken sometimes.
    Juliathepainter Juliathepainter
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 16, 2014

    Another Casualty

    Yes, my first love was (is) a serial dater. I am a link in his chain of fools.
    cassandrathethinkerbleedsteal cassandrathethinkerbleedsteal
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Jan 10, 2008

    "when You Meet Buddha On The Road Kill Him" S. Koop

    Sheldon Koop wrote the book “when you meet Buddha on the road kill him” in 1972.  Koop was a master wordsmith and had a strong back ground in psychotherapy.  With his bleak outlook and total lack of faith in just about anything Koop attempts to heal by making mans existence...
    lcmugger lcmugger
    46-50, M
    Jul 17, 2011

    I am scarred. I have been abused

    and neglected. I have been deprived of many things as a child that every child should have. I use my experience to help people know they are not alone. They say the damaged is the wisest.
    Profweird Profweird
    22-25, M
    Oct 16, 2014

    I Get No Thrill From Champagne

    What seems to make others happy just doesn’t do it for me.  I don’t have normal desires it seems for those status type things like cars or multiple homes riches and so on.  “I get not thrill from champagne” those trapping of luxury have no emotional trigger, nice to...
    lcmugger lcmugger
    46-50, M
    Jul 30, 2011

    I honestly like being damaged,

    it means I know how to survive.
    anonymousdrummer anonymousdrummer
    18-21, M
    1 Response May 17, 2015


    The moment I close my eyes the memories start playing in my head. I can't sleep and it makes me overly emotional.Every time I see her my eyes fill with tears and she is reminded that I am not the strong dependable man she thought I was.  I ...
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    Sep 1, 2009

    Damaged Goods

    Reminds me of the words to the  Rolling Stones song "Oh doctor please help me i'm damaged. Theres a pain where there once was a heart..... Over the years I've copped a lot of knocks. They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right. Well that should make me about...
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    1 Response Jan 9, 2008

    a question on how to proceed.

    I have a best friend. she's significantly younger than me with drastically different experiences, but she loves me. I know this. she is generous and makes time for me even when she's busy. she drops everything and helps even if she only senses the need. the problem started...
    elly40 elly40
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 31, 2015

    Throw Away Child

    Yes, I am damaged. I was sexually abused by my brother from the time I was three until I could fight him off at 14. My dad was an unmedicated paranoid bi polar whose favorite thing to do was make me sit for hours so he could tell me how much he hated me, how he would rather blow...
    happybbw happybbw
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Jun 23, 2013

    Years of abuse...little confidence.

    Im getting to be a better person but i still cant shake the insecurities. I know i have the insecurities of a 14 year old but they are very real. I cant stay in a relationship. I CANT move on from my ex. She hurt me in every way and i still have feelings for her. Self harm has...
    Annirox Annirox
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 24, 2014

    The "DAMAGED" Label Doesn't Bother Me Anymore...

    I found this quote on line, one day, and have felt differently about things ever since...   " I am a damaged person.  I am warning you a head of time, because damaged people are dangerous - we already know we are going to survive. "
    JusDifferent JusDifferent
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Jan 23, 2008

    in some ways, i think beeing damaged means

    beeing complete, beeing able to see the world without it´s mask. there is something beutifull in beeing hurt, different. I think every damage creats a beautifull mystery. You have to be damaged to be able to creat a masterpice, You have to be damaged to be able to appriciate a...
    KatherineSnow KatherineSnow
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 28, 2015

    I am a damaged person.

    I have incurable autoimmune disease called grave's. this condition makes me tired, hungry, irritable, weak all the time. And the pain in my eyes, i cant hold it anymore. I've tried medication but didnt work much. Now i try different approach, a functional medicine. It works but...
    thetruealien thetruealien
    22-25, M
    Oct 24, 2015
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