I Am Disgusted By Saudi Arabia'S Treatment Of Women

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    5-Year Old Raped, New Fatwa Established

    This is only one story, one girl – only a grain in the entirety of Saudi Arabia's oppressive treatment many girls and women endure every day. Her story is emerging only because she didn't survive.She is one of many who will not be able to ever escape the cyclic abuse.Lamia...
    Jujalee Jujalee
    22 Responses Feb 3, 2013

    Women In The Kingdom Are Now Free To Ride Bicycles..Really!

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    Apr 10, 2013

    So Disgusting

    http://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/saudi-girl-15-barricades-herself-in-bedroom-after-being-married-to-90-year-old-groom-for-huge-dowry/comment-page-1/ I don't know how many years we should wait for this country to be a better place :/
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    NAGLA WAFA est toujours en prison à Ryad Arabie saoudite depuis plus de '4 ans dans l'indifférence général. Son crime n'avoir pas accepté de se laisser escroquer par sa sponsor associée obligatoire qui est une des 60 filles du roi Abdallah .Torturée mise à l'isolement jug...
    boeing707 boeing707
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    Islamic Unmuslim Ways.

    Mohammad was not a control freak, even if by today's standards he'd be viewed as a paedophile - he was forty when he married an eleven years old girl - and he did not advocate the way many so called followers of his teachings treat women. The Qur'an is very clear on how women...
    aoutdouze aoutdouze
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    2 Responses Aug 25, 2013

    I am disgusted by any religion based culture

    that does not treat all people as equal, with equal rights and equal opportunities. It does not matter what race, colour, age, gender or sexual orientation, we are all people living on the same planet. What right do religious zealots have to dictate to other people how they...
    uknaked uknaked
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    2 Responses Oct 28, 2015

    Poeme Pour Nagla Wafa

    Nagla Wafa est arrivée de la Vallée du Nil Dans ce trou où sévit un monarque tout vil Elle donna libre cours à sa sublime finesse Et fut jalousée par une perfide princesse De grande créatrice ,elle devint prisonnière Soumise 500 fois au dur fouet des faux "frères" Ton...
    boeing707 boeing707
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    3 Responses Feb 26, 2013

    The Situation Breaks My Heart

    the situation breaks my heart seeing women suffer just to go to their workplace losing an opportunity i worked hard for because i've no one wants drive me to my work now when i think about searching for a job i feel sick & almost throw up in my mouth i can't get over that job i...
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    3 Responses Mar 18, 2013

    The Injust 500 Lashes The Martyr Of Wafa Nagla In Ryadh

    NAGLA WAFA an egyptian wedding dress designer ,has been in prison since 2009 . following a disput commercial with a "princess" She run afoul with this princess ( there 3000 princess in saoudia they are tribal) over the finance of a joint business venture .The princess one of  90...
    boeing707 boeing707
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    15 Responses Feb 7, 2013

    Pain Of Wafa Nagla 6 Months After 500 Lashes

    Nagla injust in prison in Saoudia for disput commercial with a crook princess received 500 horribles lashes on back and bottom 300  in may july 2012 each week 50 ! 150 in october after ramadan and 50 christmas day .She was wound ,bloody her back and buttocks blacks too much...
    boeing707 boeing707
    56-60, M
    May 2, 2013

    Horrible Torture To Naglaa In Reaction Of Human Right Action In Prison From Riyad

    EXCUSE MY TOO BAD ENGLISH :Naglaa wafa injust in prison in soudia for disputing in business with a corrupt princess sentence 5 years prison 500 lashes normally give in 3 years . They begin beat her in 2012 250 first lashes given in 6 month so 50 lashes each month. Her lashes give...
    boeing707 boeing707
    56-60, M
    1 Response Sep 4, 2013

    Related Experiences

    I have bad days today is one of them. It all went bad as soon as 12am hit. I had misunderstood my work schedule and thought I worked Thursday night which in actuality 3rd shift is...
    GabbyWoodBerry GabbyWoodBerry
    18-21, F
    Apr 21
    I used to appreciate cops. I thought they were so brave for putting their lives on the line for the community. Then I dated a guy whose brother was a cop in South Carolina. A lot...
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    Apr 21
    Site what is with the nasty people on here? seriously the people who are trolls and ask for inappropriate photos are the ones that ruined ep for everyone else who uses this for...
    unbound97 unbound97
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    Apr 21
    what is with the nasty people on here? seriously the people who are trolls and ask for nudes are the ones that ruined ep for everyone else who uses this for general advice. I loved...
    unbound97 unbound97
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    Apr 21
    EP Management's Butchering of the Website Did the Website InWhy is EP ending? If you want to believe the noble-sounding explanations given in the Farewell Message, go ahead. The...
    conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
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    10 Responses Apr 20
    In the middle of the journey of life, I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost. -Dante I may have lost myself somewhere along this long road home, or...
    KikFindme12thNumber KikFindme12thNumber
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    Apr 20
    There was a disturbing scene I watched on Nickelodeon uk back in 2003 where a 9 year old redhead girl got several pies in the face from adults all lined up taking their turns to...
    Itstheway42 Itstheway42
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    Apr 18
    I don't usually care about what people think of me, but this person, I do care. I care very much and he hates me because he thinks I'm a slag. When I never lied, nor cheated...
    LittleLover19 LittleLover19
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    5 Responses Apr 18
    I am a United States Marine. Not currently active duty. Although As the saying goes once a Marine always a Marine. It is tattooed in my brain and my heart. Just a little back story...
    arhg arhg
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    1 Response Apr 17
    This morning while I waited in Milan railway station for my train back to my beloved and sacred ROME, a mannznd his wife stood next to me waiting for the same train.He wore s shite...
    LozzyFromRome LozzyFromRome
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    Apr 17
    I had a best friend and he hired me to work for him. I did and when I did he started hitting on me. I felt sorry for him bc I knew his marriage sucked so I let it roll off my...
    ceg333 ceg333
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    Apr 13
    Men... They love and get excited their women lick and swallow their *****... Yet They are disgusted by the sight of it...
    25minutestoolate 25minutestoolate
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    2 Responses Apr 11
    This is my last year in high school. I'm doing my second semester. No one talks to me. They have a confused face expression when they look at me. Occasionally a disgusted face...
    AConfusedLeo AConfusedLeo
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    5 Responses Apr 11
    This might sound really weird but sometimes it's like I space out for a minute and I get a really disgusted and horrible feeling like i'm in the wrong place or like i'm living in...
    nobodynumbah8 nobodynumbah8
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    Apr 10
    I have a scar that until recently I couldn't remember where it came from. I told myself it was a strange stretch mark or something, but for some reason I always hated it. It's to...
    justbnatural justbnatural
    22-25, M
    Apr 8
    Wow I can't believe that I'm even writing about this they say writing is therapeutic and I always used to write but haven't in 5 years when my life changed forever. I always knew...
    Danielleirisgene Danielleirisgene
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    Apr 7
    Sometimes I look in a mirror and question myself. I find myself more disgusted by my actions. If not today then tomorrow I gabble my future. Crying out to the unknown but it's...
    LeahLovee LeahLovee
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    2 Responses Apr 4
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