I Am Done With One Sided Friendships

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    Have you ever had a friend

    that you thought you were so close to, that you call your best friend, but a time comes where they can stand by you or stand 10 feet away from you? This is one of those times. No matter what I would stand by my best friends because that's the type of person I am. The situation...
    CollegeStudent22 CollegeStudent22
    26-30, F
    Apr 3, 2014

    I am I'm absolutely done with being the only

    person who actually cares and puts time and effort into all my friendships I have no true friends. And I'm so done with people telling me they like me or that they are sexually attracted to me but do nothing about it or they don't actually like. I don't like anyone because no...
    ashleymac96 ashleymac96
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 2, 2014

    So Tired Of Being Ignored ...

    My best friend hasn't spoken to me at all last week. Then she texted me saying she was sorry for the way she was acting, and eventually we had a serious discussion but everything was cool at the end. So now that it's a new week, she walks by me as if she didn't know anything...
    shicell321 shicell321
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Oct 15, 2013

    What Goes Up, Must Come Down.

    I've switched schools, I've never done anything like this before, I mean all this while, i would stay put in a place, and not budge till i graduate. But the point is I've switched schools. Back in the old school, i had a circle of friends, friends i could depend on, friends i...
    JosephineF JosephineF
    Oct 12, 2011

    Today I am cutting all ties to the people in my

    life that only have something to do with me when they need something from me! Sick of people taking my kindness for a weakness!!
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    3 Responses Aug 10, 2015

    Best Friends For Almost 8 Years...

    We've been best friends for almost 8 years, but she has never asked me to hang out with her. It's always me who asks her if she wants to do something. She never says no, but I feel weird that she's never made the initiative to hang out with me. She isn't shy, quiet, or extremely...
    frazzledabit frazzledabit
    18-21, F
    Nov 24, 2009

    I honestly don't know how to feel about

    friendships. I'm wasting my self and energy on people who aren't worthy of it. I want to know what it's like to have a stable, meaningful friendship with mutual care, honesty... one that is built upon giving and taking. Did I lose you? You lost me already. I'm tired of...
    simmerdame simmerdame
    18-21, F
    Aug 29, 2015

    I have tried to make friends

    but they never would really become a friend they always would stay in the acquaintance category they would talk with me at work and it would seem promising but after all was done they were still only acquaintance's. That's always been my life!
    AtheenaVamp AtheenaVamp
    61-65, F
    Jun 1, 2015

    Sighs, so not really sure

    why I'm really attracted to a girl I've just seen a couple of times.. But we've been talking for awhile now and she has a really big reputation of talking and hanging out with a lot of guys... Told all my friends that I'm not interested in a this girl who seems to attract a lot...
    itsjustmealex itsjustmealex
    16-17, M
    Sep 1, 2015

    I'm done with the both of them.

    My two exes. They said they still want to be friends. If they really wanted to be friends, they would still talk to me. The first says he wanted to be my best friend if we weren't going to get back together. Well we're never getting back together, I have a guy best friend, it...
    EmoSakurachan EmoSakurachan
    Mar 31, 2014

    One Sided Friends Who Are Other Couples

    My co-worker became fast friends with my husband.  I was always friendly with him, but as he began spending a great deal of time with my husband, I made an effort to become friends with his wife.  Unfortunately, she and I did not have much in common as she is very self-absorbed...
    compassion2011 compassion2011
    Jul 30, 2011


    I hate my best friend because she doesnt want to be my actual friend! she treats me like dirt and im sick of it! she wants me to listen to her life but she doesnt want anything to do with mine!
    dbzgurl15130 dbzgurl15130
    1 Response Apr 2, 2013

    Why Do I Always Have to Be the One to Do Everything?

    It seems in my friendships that i usually have to be the first one to contact people and see how someone is doing. It's rare for them to contact me and see how i'm doing. It deeply hurts my feelings, makes me feel like i'm not really worth much to anyone. I'm not talking about...
    alwaysalone alwaysalone
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 11, 2008

    I was born to stand out

    so I will continue to do that. **** trying to fit in where you don't belong and kiss ***. Neverrrrr.
    Lucky1217 Lucky1217
    22-25, F
    Apr 30, 2014

    Done... I'm done with one sided friendships.

    .. I walked away and I'm not looking back...ever. slw
    submissivelittlewoman submissivelittlewoman
    46-50, F
    Jan 29, 2014


    I can totally relate.  My husband and I had this discussion, about our good friends being "in their own worlds".  It is really frustrating to hear a really good friend talking only about her job accomplishments.  She needs to limit herself from bragging and...
    trdenham1 trdenham1
    Oct 7, 2010

    I rarely admit when I'm having a bad day

    or night but when I let it show that I am or when I say I am I would think that a true friend would be there to help lift me back up like I have done for them not make me feel more like ****.
    nyx39 nyx39
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Jan 1, 2015


    I hate putting everything I have into a relationship and they put in nothing but want everything! I'm through!!!!!
    GetToKnowMe GetToKnowMe
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Mar 8, 2008

    I made my friend circle small

    if you don't care why be friends or just be fake face be real and am down tell the end
    31-35, M
    May 2, 2014

    Recently my best friend told me she doesn't

    want to move in together anymore. I was really upset about it and finally decided it's impossible to change her mind so I stopped trying, she's hard headed. We used to live together in the past in Hawaii. And have been friends for 3 years. I just graduated from college and...
    CollegeStudent22 CollegeStudent22
    26-30, F
    Jul 24, 2014

    I Am Getting Tired Of Putting Up With Some Friends

    One of them is my roommate (we are in college). I met him the very first week I came here, and we became friends almost instantly. The friendship developed rapidly; before a month I already considered him my best friend here, and he felt the same. We spent most of our time...
    Becks7 Becks7
    18-21, M
    Feb 19, 2013

    Short Little Entry, Advice Please? ≪3

    It seems that every friendship I've had for awhile has been one sided. I always give my friends everything. I've known what it's like to be or have a bad friend. I try to be the bestfriend anyone can ever have. Somehow everyone seems to take this for granted. I always get used. I...
    cydneyxx cydneyxx
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Jun 8, 2013

    Ever since I was a child almost all my friends

    have taken advantage of me, I always knew what they are doing but I can't reject it, I am done with being isolated . I have grown to be a nice target probably because when other kids were playing outside till late night I was spending my whole time alone, locked in the house...
    TrueRedRose96 TrueRedRose96
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Mar 25, 2016

    This weekend had its highs

    and lows. Basically I had plans to meet up with my friends and they bailed on me. These were plans we had in advance from 2 weeks ago and they acted like they didn't want to go all of a sudden. I was very disappointed at them. Next time they contact me to hangout I won't...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 20, 2014

    The moment you realize

    that some Facebook friends just need to be deleted because in real life they don't talk to you or invite you out to do things and you are the one always contacting them and on Facebook they never comment or like anything you write EVER. DELETE. Awesome feeling. :)
    singlemom1254 singlemom1254
    1 Response Nov 13, 2015

    When I reflect on most of my life.

    ........I see that most of the friendships I had were pretty one-sided. Perhaps there was a lesson for me in that......in the knowledge that friendship (or any relationship for that matter) is meant to be a two-way street. Sadly, it took me until my mid-late 20's to see this. We...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 7, 2015

    I'm A Magnet!!

    My most recent experience with one-sided friendships has convinced me that I attract selfish, sometimes crazy people. It started when I was a pre-teen, and has been consistent through my mid thirties. I try to get to know people - I don't just meet people and immediately call...
    nooneiam nooneiam
    1 Response Nov 7, 2012

    My bestfriend pretends like I dont exist

    and I feel so alone all the time. I'm trying to talk to her and she's just not responding. She only responds when i'm in a crisis which is really annoying because it makes me know that she isnt really busy, she just doesnt want to talk to me--unless i'm in a crisis. But only...
    99jasi 99jasi
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Sep 11, 2014


    some people see kindness & trust as a weakness , they home in on it like parasites , use it & abuse it then move on , trouble is if you do not think like a parasite ,  you do not see it coming until it is to late . It challenges your faith in human nature & your...
    satman satman
    46-50, M
    1 Response Feb 25, 2009

    It sucks when you feel a friend is taking

    advantage of you not only monetary but emotionally as well... Learning to be less giving to those that don't give to me and more to those that do
    amandalovee amandalovee
    26-30, F
    Mar 19, 2016

    An Axed Friendship

    I recently cut off a friend I have known my whole life.  Our mothers met in hospital when we were just days old, we went to the same playcentre when we were 2, did ballet together when we were 5, ended up at the same high school and kept in touch while I was down at uni and...
    auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
    5 Responses Dec 16, 2009

    A Friendship Gone Sour

    I've known Jackie for years, and the last couple of years our friendship has just kind of gone down the drain. In many ways Jackie and I have grown apart and it is all just starting to fall to pieces. I think some of it has to do with the fact that I  have become a stronger...
    Ardestin Ardestin
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Apr 6, 2008

    Done Isn't Quite The Word Im Lookin For?

    I am so sick of those around me acting like i have the plague or worse, so much for facebook friends.........what a joke, they start out friendly  but most of em dont say a damn thing, nothing at all.  wondering y i am still so into classic rock, i mean, i like some...
    babyjo211 babyjo211
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 7, 2010


    every time i say that word, it always makes me feel weird. As if i shouldn't be saying it. Almost like, it's a bad word. I've had "friends"... i shouldn't say that... I've had people for long periods of time in my life. There we go. that sounds better. i don't know, i can't...
    Susananais Susananais
    26-30, F
    1 Response Nov 3, 2012


    i am done with doing all the work, and no one else doing anyhthing to keep the relationship strong, so i am done with them!
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Aug 6, 2009

    A Friendship?

    i have this problem with choosing people in my life to be friends with that are completely self absorbed. i think the reason i do this is because of the relationship i had with my mother. in that relationship i was always working overtime for her acceptance and approval. but of...
    angrychild angrychild
    31-35, F
    1 Response May 10, 2007

    My best friend stopped talking to me.

    Started only contacting me to ask favors. I hired him to do some work for me, and he acted unprofessional and drew complaints. So I said we should swap back the books and tools we had loaned each other last year. I brought his stuff; he forgot mine. Then he met me at...
    FakeIsTheNewReal FakeIsTheNewReal
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jan 7, 2015

    Ooooh. Hey Life.

    one in particular. best friend for life. recently had a huge blow out fight. didnt talk for six months. then the day came when it was time to sit down (more like stand outside in the rain) and talk (once again, more like scream) she's always been the one to force people to do...
    gypsysoul gypsysoul
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 12, 2008

    It's Over

    For my "friend's" birthday I cooked her, per her request, stuffed pork chops (stuffed with shrimp and crab meat stuffing), spinach salad, a birthday cake from scratch, and I made vodka punch.  I also made gumbo as the appetizer.  She brought her son and I let her take the...
    delicious1962 delicious1962
    Jun 21, 2011
    KittyTittyGang KittyTittyGang
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 1, 2014
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