I Am Empathetic

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    I Almost Feel Too Much...

    My whole life I have always been extremely sensitive. putting myself in someone else's shoes comes second nature to me. I always can pick up on how people feel, if they lie, etc. Every time I hear of somebody struggling I imagine myself in their situation, I feel it, its almost...
    Bedatl Bedatl
    13-15, F
    3 Responses Jan 7, 2012

    I Am An Empath

    It is a very interesting gift. Sometimes it feel like a curse. Like the time I could sence a boyfriend cheating. That is the awful part. The good part is when you know that you are going to get a good parking place,or when you can feel someone thinking of you. I think there...
    beachykeen beachykeen
    51-55, F
    12 Responses Dec 1, 2009

    Hello all! I wanted to tell you all about this

    amazing new facebook page called, 'Spiritual Connections (A Support Group)'. This new page has been created as a safe place for people to come together to share their spiritual experiences, stories and encounters, all while getting and giving support to and from others. It is...
    Medium87 Medium87
    26-30, F
    Nov 16, 2015

    I Am Empathetic

    I am an empath. I feel the pain, anger, joy, fear, happiness, passion, guilt, exhaustion of others. And its a wild ride, sometimes its like the swinging chairs ride at the fair where you sit on the seat and just enjoy the ride. Other times its like the super-mega rollarcoster...
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    2 Responses Nov 19, 2009

    I want to make you smile

    but your eyes house storm clouds over the loss of her. I am in love with you and you are in love with us. The memory of the past that can no longer be and the prospect of the future that are in hands outside of our control. In the mix, are the babies. Three fragile souls hurting...
    wodie88 wodie88
    26-30, F
    Oct 18, 2014

    I have so much going on through my head right

    now I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. Feeling emotional, and overwhelmed, confused. Like I have so many decisions to make, not only for myself but for others. Like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. For once can I not always be the strongest one? Everyone comes to...
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    1 Response Aug 24, 2015

    I hate just being out in public expecting to

    have a normal day, you're happy, and then all of a sudden you pick up an ugly thing about a person. You get a flash of insight about them, they just rub you the wrong way, and sometimes you don't even know why. You don't like them, they annoy you. You withdrawal and you get into...
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    1 Response Sep 6, 2015

    Yeah The -pathetic Part

    Sometimes I just don't feel sha!t okay. SO TOTALLY EM-pathetic. I really can't feel for people who are Cruel... I really can't feel for liars... Sometimes I can show a little bit compassion ..to help them right you know. But when it doesn't work, I know some people don't...
    indigowitch indigowitch
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 18, 2011
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 30, 2015

    I think I'm an empath.

    I absorb the emotions of others like a sponge, it's a source of endless problems. I think that's why I spend a lot of time on the ski slopes alone. I can recharge in the wilderness.
    EngSkier EngSkier
    41-45, M
    1 Response Dec 7, 2015
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