I Am Fascinated By Dreams

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    how would you go about explaining to someone how they can get more in touch with their dreams? from having more dreams to reading and understanding your dreams.
    xxtheecalamity xxtheecalamity
    22-25, F
    Nov 26, 2013

    Dream fascination!

    Dreams creates so much wonderment and a very interesting subject to talk/think about!Dreams have so many meanings and some are warnings to let you know something's happening or warning you something's gonna happen! Dreams are the subconscious mind which is influenced by our...
    LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
    22-25, F
    1 Response Sep 22, 2014

    I'm really into dreams

    and messages. I've only just realized that I've never had a positive dream about the guy I like and multiple bad dreams. Is this telling me something?
    gia92 gia92
    1 Response Jan 4, 2014


    Dreams fascinate me    - not just my own, but those of others as well.  People often ask me to interpret their dreams.  I find there are several different types of dreams - some are just a rehashing of your experiences that day, some are psychic, some are...
    61-65, F
    1 Response Mar 15, 2008

    So Many Dreamers!

    I discovered EP only a short time ago.  I am quite serious about interpreting dreams for people, and I was amazed to discover the ep dream page.  So many dreamers, so few interpreters!  I very much respect that each dream can have several interpretations, so the...
    61-65, F
    2 Responses Mar 31, 2008


    i wonder if my dreams are actually starting to come true..
    xxtheecalamity xxtheecalamity
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 27, 2013

    I always fascinated when i saw

    or hear something.. And i remember that I dreamth about that "thing" the previous night. I was just scrolling on my iphone when I saw a basketball. And I immediately remembers that I dream about i was free throwing and I was good at it.. in reality i dont play basketball. So i...
    alistairgrey alistairgrey
    36-40, M
    Sep 20, 2015

    What better way to escape reality

    than to lose yourself in your own imagination?The mind is limitless in creative surround, and every dream will be different then the next. Each one will have a level of potency over you, and that level will be so high that you most likely won't ever challenge it. Then you'll...
    LaurenJFisher LaurenJFisher
    Jan 4, 2014


    Well I have been looking up my dreams for at least four months and they seem to be telling me that I am coming into some kind of finacial benefit . They have been rather disturbing but every time I look them up in this book they tell me major windfall........Is this for me to...
    tallandprettyone tallandprettyone
    51-55, F
    Jan 17, 2008

    The Girl With The Black Box Head.

    Last night, I dreamed that I was out and about, down town on a quiet day, the day seemed excessively quiet, I went to view my crush and maybe share some words. walked around for a while, and suddenly had to use the bathroom, so I sat on a toilet on the sidewalk out side of the...
    lagomorpha lagomorpha
    Jan 28, 2013

    Last Night I Dreamed

    Last night i dreamed my town that iam from and where i live now flooded and i was tryig to help my mother and my grand mother , then a neibour found my daughter and my kniese and said he would keep them safe then i went out into a boat and was looking for my husband i was telling...
    lunnas lunnas
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 5, 2008
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