I Am Freezing

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    Alexconers Alexconers
    Jan 8, 2016

    Its 11 degrees outside,

    BRRRRRRR, slipped into my leather pants!!!! Are you in Leather???
    JennyTom JennyTom
    41-45, F
    7 Responses Apr 5, 2016

    Not good idea; staying out in garage from 11pm

    to 2am talking with your sister, with no coat and wearing flip flop and it being 40 degrees outside! No not good, cant get warm 😖
    msvanish0 msvanish0
    46-50, F
    4 Responses Apr 13, 2015

    Freezing My As$ Off

    Seriously 100 degrees out, and I'm inside freezing :(
    deleted deleted
    Sep 11, 2013


    im freezing...shaking...can't seem to get warm at all....its driving me crazy....i been cold for days, but now its getting to be too much, even a hot bath doesn't warm me up at all.
    deleted deleted
    Dec 21, 2009

    It's so cold in my house.

    .. Gosh I hate this it's to damn cold
    MeganDawnn MeganDawnn
    18-21, F
    Oct 31, 2014
    p0ppunknotpills p0ppunknotpills
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Dec 21, 2015

    So Freezing Cold!

    Hi! I'm so glad that it's Spring now as of a few days ago, but it's still so darned COLD!  Things have been especially hard for me lately since I lost weight recently.  BRRR!  This past winter was terrible.  I mean, the thermostat in my house is set to...
    Licorice Licorice
    31-35, F
    Mar 24, 2010

    >_< I love winter most

    but I hate illogical cold days! It's frikkin summer!! You know I love you Jack,but if this is how it's going to be then I'm sorry!! We can't be together. *forms cocoon with blanket* >_< ..By the way,I cheated on you with the Sandman.No hard feelings. ;D "And I cheated on you...
    AlexisOwO AlexisOwO
    18-21, F
    1 Response May 18, 2014

    I Just "Love" Winter!

     It's -20 C (- 4 F) grades outside for the first time this winter and I'm freezing inside the house! I'm considering putting my gloves on anytime now, because my fingers are so cold! Did I mention that winter is not among my favorite seasons? I try to comfort myself by...
    Fennella Fennella
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jan 2, 2009

    Our love much like the winter right now.

    . Is freezing. It's so cold. Our love has become so cold I would rather be outside with below freezing temperatures. I was decorating the door with wrapping paper and I was wearing a baggy t shirt and no pants (dumb on my part) but it was warm enough inside where it didn't bother...
    Spakrs Spakrs
    22-25, F
    Dec 5, 2013

    It Is Cold.

    I am ridiculously cold.  I have been in my room all day and forgot to turn on my heater untl just now.  I am just waiting for it to warm up a little bit beceause I'm almost frostbitten.
    BellasHappyPlace BellasHappyPlace
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 11, 2009
    deleted deleted
    Dec 10, 2014
    aburns aburns
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Dec 30, 2014

    Holy ****!!! I'm freezing!

    !!?i need a cuddle buddy to keep me warm!!!!!
    kleopard88 kleopard88
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 12, 2014


    So I just dragged myself out of bed to the sound of my alarm (how is it that even Dusty Springfield can sound rude and intrusive at 6:30am?)  Not only is it stupidly early and a sodding Thursday but it's bloody freezing! The carpet feels cold under my bare feet! I need to...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Oct 15, 2009


    Im am sooo cold right now! One of our rare southern Tx coldfronts came in last night and i cant get used to it!
    Dreamforever86 Dreamforever86
    22-25, F
    Dec 1, 2006

    Always Cold

    I have a condition that makes the blood flow in my extremities extremely low, so my hands and feet are always freezing.  I have to wear wool socks and gloves all the time, even to bed.  Sometimes I get so cold that I have to wear 5 layers of clothing - inside the house...
    brandnew brandnew
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jan 27, 2008

    I need a warmer climate.

    ...this shiz is toooo cold for me!
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 13, 2015

    Cold By Nature

    I can't help it. There are just a lot of things I don't care about. A lot of things I could say to someone, but I don't. Times when I could smile, and don't. It's nice a lot of the time though. It calls for loads of alone time, because I often do what I can to escape a crowd. Or...
    deleted deleted
    Oct 1, 2011


    It's officially winter here or at least it feels like it. Florida gets cold and I can't deal. It's in the 60's for two days now and I am COLD! If my breasts still had milk I'd be pumping out ice cream! This is more than I can handle, having to dress the kids all warm and find...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Nov 7, 2007

    And I just felt like whining about it.

    Me and cold weather have a rough relationship...
    NewShoes12 NewShoes12
    31-35, M
    Mar 13, 2015

    It's not even winter yet

    and it's freezing cold here! I'm shivering like crazy! I'm covered up and have heat on but am still cold! What is a good way to stay warm?
    MysteriousWomen MysteriousWomen
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Nov 14, 2015
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