I Am Frustrated With Life

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    I am a mystery shopper full time

    and always am stuck in traffic jams. I make great money honestly (at least 3000-4000 dollars every month) but my husband spends it all on building a mansion in Egypt for us supposedly. I only make that much because no one else is willing to mystery shop the most dangerous city...
    lisamarie77 lisamarie77
    31-35, F
    1 Response Apr 15, 2014

    The meaning of life is love according to the

    bible and all religions. Although, I consider myself spiritual over religious, I I too believe this. However, we spend most of our lives doing the opposite. Judging each other, not even loving ourselves. We focus on social norms and what society views as "ok" or "beautiful...
    imustdevourthysoul imustdevourthysoul
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 24, 2015


    Frustrated,Had enough,This thing called life,More like hell,I need a change!
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Nov 28, 2011

    As I sit here, thinking about life

    and my life, or lack thereof, it's starting to become clear that I'm not happy. With any aspect of my life.
    itsmed11 itsmed11
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 11, 2014

    I Am Frustrated And Tired Of Feeling Alone, And Need To Vent!

    This isn't a letter to anyone inparticular.  I just need to vent to anyone who will listen.  I am a divorced mother of a 11-year-old boy, and I have a very complicated, but loving relationship with a man that I deeply love, and adore.  But rightnow, I am feeling alone, I...
    tarahammer2002 tarahammer2002
    31-35, F
    8 Responses Feb 4, 2011

    I'm out of high school ,

    no colleges accepted me and I can't find a job . I spend nights like these depressed because my life truly sucks . I have an amazing gf but I feel like a burden to her because she has to pay for everything . She always encourages me to apply to places and community college but I...
    austenflossin austenflossin
    22-25, M
    Mar 2, 2014


    Right now i am frustrated with waiting around, but im sure we all get frustrated with life from time to time. We all have our ups and downs.
    Arorin Arorin
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

    I always run away when I confront difficulties

    and frustrations. I am afraid of being a loser. However, if I could not be able to face and solve the problem, I am a loser.
    fitwealth fitwealth
    26-30, F
    Mar 2, 2014

    Right now, I am beyond frustrated with life.

    I think that's why I have decided to write so much on my experiences on this site. I just need to talk/vent. Some people seem to have this charmed life, where everything goes right. I'm not one of those people. The past 5 years have shown me that nobody really had control...
    RubyLane RubyLane
    46-50, F
    Sep 18, 2014

    Frustrated In Love

    sometimes,people underestimate my physical appearance...because people said i am a ugly person..
    gavrielle gavrielle
    1 Response Oct 10, 2012

    Feeling Like Things Are Going Nowhere.

    I just wanna get established and provide everything for myself.  if i was this age (21 years old) 20 years ago, i could've graduated high school, got a full time job, and moved the hell out of my mothers house but because of this stupid economy, good luck finding a job with only...
    imarobot imarobot
    18-21, M
    May 22, 2012

    Why My Eyes Were Puffy Today

    I slam my parents' door after calling them stupid because I was angry at them. I storm down the hall. My stepdad chases after me. His steps make booming noises and I start to run to my room. He pushes me to the ground. He huddles over me and starts pushing and shaking me while I...
    kimlost kimlost
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Nov 23, 2013

    Frustrated and Alone

    It started with the loneliness.  Friends would come in my life but just as quickly leave--I understand they have their lives to lead and in their busy lives it's easy to lose contact.  I would like to have a few close friends whom I can hang out with on a regular basis...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 6, 2009

    I just find the details of life

    so damn complicated these days. Technology, phone menus, so many choices between products, everything is self-serve, etc. Even when it comes to health care. There are so many hurdles and bureaucracy to overcome. I often wonder what happens when one becomes elderly and is...
    lagatta lagatta
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Jul 24, 2014

    Frustrated With Life

    Frustrated with life,What a bugger,Never right,Always goes wrong,It's no wonder,Life's frustrating!
    mrraincoat mrraincoat
    Oct 24, 2012

    Never Getting It Quite Right

    Oh, I had a couple minutes of nagging dismay at work last night.  It's only my first full week at my new hotel Night Audit position, and the very first time I've watched the whole audit be put together.  The last five days have been filled with trying to navigate the Opera...
    UnderEli UnderEli
    46-50, M
    May 20, 2012

    sad at life, not sure how things turned out to

    be this way, life just hurts, not sure how to get out of this - i wish i could stop having feelings at all
    dove9 dove9
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Jun 15, 2014
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