I Am Gay and In the Military

This group is for the Men and Women who are, have been, or will be part of the Armed Forces and just happen to be gay. 71 People

    Why Do They Always Leave Due To The Uniform?

    So I need some advice. I've been in the military going on three years now and what I have discovered is no matter how good of a person you are and no matter how hard you try to please your significant other they always tend to leave due to the uniform. Why is that? Also, due to...
    krands krands
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    Well I know I've only just said I'm in the

    military but I have been informed I am now leaving the military and can now go back to Florida to work as a paramedic meeting brilliant people and do the job I love. But I will never forget my military family, in which many live close to me and I said I'd fly to their state as...
    mparker7789 mparker7789
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    Sep 21, 2014

    Currently Serving

    I love being in the military and serve on my base Honor Guard. I have basically been celibate since I joined three years ago, for fear of putting myself "out there" on the dating scene and jeopardizing my career. I'm looking to connect with other that are or have gone through...
    librarugger librarugger
    2 Responses Sep 27, 2010

    In my community there aren't many homosexuals.

    Mostly everyone Is straight so life can be pretty hard for those who are "out"
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    Trying To Create A Better Way For Relationships To Work During Deployment.

    I am posting in this forum because your input might be valuable to a project I am working on. I am working with Rebekah Olsen, Matthew Jennex, Jacob Farny, and Melissa Rodriguez on a project that aims to understand deployment in the US Navy. The goal is to create a prototype...
    WantingToHelp WantingToHelp
    Dec 27, 2011

    I'm not in the military

    but dam I find military men hot!!
    pips88 pips88
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    Im Gay And Not In The Military..but Dating Someone Who Is...any Advice Would Be Helpful!

    I met my marine during Marine Week here in the city I'm located. We met, hit it off, but I felt very strange about the whole thing knowing he was a Marine and knowing the risk of the DADT policy. Even though the policy had passed it still was something that a Marine could be...
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    Young, Gay, and In the Military

    As a 13 year old boy, I never thought of what it would be like to serve my country and be part of something bigger than myself until I joined Junior Air Force ROTC in high school. I quickly fell in love with the culture of the military and it seemed a perfect fit for me. I rose...
    SundanceCoconut SundanceCoconut
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    I'm not there yet, starting my field medic

    training with the Boy Scouts. If you need help, let me know (emotional, traumatic, weird questions, can't think,etc.). Add me to your circles so you'll remember to ask me ur questions. 🚑
    Woulfewoof Woulfewoof
    16-17, M
    Sep 30, 2014

    Why Are Straight Men With Deviant Sexual Behavior Allowed In The Military But Good Soldiers Who Are Gay Not?

    I was married to an officer in the service. Yes, was, until I found out about very disturbing sexual behavior he was involved in. It was beyond sickening. If you can think of the worst, that is it. It was definitely conduct unbecoming of a soldier and definitely a Lt Col in...
    countessdia countessdia
    4 Responses Dec 25, 2010

    I live in Southern California,

    I would like to date a guy in the military. Just curious.
    Joonyer23 Joonyer23
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