I Am Going Blind

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    These medications are ruining my eyesight.

    Everything is just a blur these days. The price I pay for wanting to live.
    AllLoveXOXO AllLoveXOXO
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Mar 13, 2014

    I am 22 years old and I never

    though I would ever say I am losing Im going blind. I have been in and out of doctors and got 11 spinal taps in 2 weeks and all they can tell me is that im producing too much spinal fluid and that i have swelling of the optical nerve that they call Pseudo Tumor. Now after...
    QueenB14 QueenB14
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Oct 19, 2014

    Going To Wear A Patch Soon.

    My left eye has always been weaker then my right, the doctors have tried using a patch over the good eye, until I got hit by a car, they have tried using a thick lens on a pair of glasses, I have had numerous surgeries and recently have been told that I am going to be blind in...
    Hoov100 Hoov100
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

    So I have glaucoma. Eye condition

    that puts pressure on the optic nerve, and can cause blindness, or vision loss. I Hate telling people, it always just turns into a really awkward conversations afterward, and I had this friend who is completely blind, and the bus driver wouldn't even tell him 'see you later...
    Anotherrose96 Anotherrose96
    18-21, F
    3 Responses May 1, 2014
    kenrj kenrj
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Feb 22, 2015

    I Cant See !!!

    My eyes are getting progressively worse by the day .After going to an eye specialist I find that I have RP ...retinitus pigmentosa for which there is no known cure .I just turned 52 and find daily that there is more and more I dont see .I cannot see to pluck my brows any longer...
    gogogurl gogogurl
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

    My eye doctor told me

    that I'm nearsighted with astigmatisms in both my eyes. She also said that I lose more of eyesight every year until I'm 30-35 years old. I've been losing it since 1st grade. By the time I'm 35, I'll be as blind as a bat. Lol
    BloodFanatic BloodFanatic
    18-21, M
    2 Responses May 22, 2014
    kenrj kenrj
    51-55, M
    1 Response Feb 22, 2015

    from this diabetics and I'm

    so angry why this is happen to me
    kenrj kenrj
    51-55, M
    Feb 22, 2015

    Hi all I am 22 and a gene carrier of RP.

    I got diagnosed at 19 and my eyesight has detoriated slightly. My mother who just turned 43 also carries the gene is basically completely blind. How ever we stay posit e as life could be a lot worse we are still able to live happy and full life's and for this I am grateful.
    rogers791 rogers791
    26-30, F
    Feb 11, 2014

    Sometime we are blind to see

    who really cares for you.
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Mar 20, 2014
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