I Am Going to Be Neutral From Now On

No longer taking sides or getting involved in drama. Care to Join us?

    Of Course !

    Unless it is I you have targeted.    I learn so much from each drama that touches me here.    Next one, and OH YEAH there will be a next one.................someone to put words in my mouth, or take something I say and snap it all out of...
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    1 Response Aug 17, 2009

    - From This Point On -

      I will no longer be getting involved in drama. I don't care about listening or seeing any drama, of any kind. I will befriend anyone I choose & if you don't like it....Keep it to yourself.    You see, I have decided to be myself... Myself is CANADIAN...
    Wynhaven Wynhaven
    36-40, F
    28 Responses Aug 17, 2009
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