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    Aug 18, 2015

    Well, Ummm, I Don't Shave, So....

     Not much hair on my face, but... um, I don't shave or wax in other areas, and so...
    SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Apr 2, 2009

    This is week 3. Back in November,

    I tried to grow it out but failed. After 3 1/2-4 weeks, the itching became unbearable and I took the straight razor to it lol. This time I'm going to try to push through it and go a total of 8 weeks before I trim it up.
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    1 Response Apr 30, 2015

    My beard is looking great!

    It's getting way thick and is working on 1.5cm long. I LOVE having a beard and should have grown it years ago! 😆
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    Aug 26, 2015

    Rate my beard please :) purely bored

    so I thought I'd try this out, if you have a beard yourself let me know what you think, or even if you don't, ladies also welcome to comment :) Inb4flame
    chazwozza chazwozza
    22-25, M
    Jul 9, 2014

    Why I Grew a Beard

     The weekend following Valentines Day, I sank into a deep depression. It was unlike me - a jovial, joking sort; the guy who makes everyone at work laugh. I didn't shave that morning, but no one said much except, "You look like death warmed over." There's nothing...
    UncleDevilShow UncleDevilShow
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Feb 28, 2008

    Yeah, why not. lol Can't seem to get past the 6

    week mark before my cheeks itch. If I grow it long enough, I'll end up looking like Bobby from Sons of Anarchy hahaha
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    Jul 4, 2015

    So I thought about growing a beard

    for some time now, do girls find beards attractive? I'm thinking about just keeping the 'stubble' look instead of the 'baby face' look that I've had for so many years now.. So girls what do you think? What's your opinion of men with beards of having stubble? Un/Attractive...
    Adam352 Adam352
    22-25, M
    Aug 26, 2015

    I love having a beard.

    I get compliments on it all the time. I love how it looks and feels, and I love taking care of it.
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    Mar 2, 2016

    I have not shaved since I discovered my wife's

    adulterous relationship last week. When she said she wanted to divorce and trash our almost 30 year marriage, I just went into .. I don't know what I'm in, frankly. I think I should be in a mental institution b/c I'm going nuts. I feel very bad about myself. I know I should not...
    thankgodformedication thankgodformedication
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Mar 10, 2016

    It's Time...

    The last time I had a beard, it was a goatee that I've been nurturing for 9 months. Then I took a job at a company which had a strict code about facial hair. I had to shave it off... I've been working for this company 6 months. First, I climbed their little career ladder, but...
    Kletti Kletti
    1 Response May 24, 2012

    A Good Change

    This isn't my first beard, but I always enjoy having one. Every time I think about it, though, I can't help wonder why beards aren't the norm among men rather than the exception. Logically, it seems much more natural for a guy to let his facial hair grow than not to. Anybody else...
    someguy2007 someguy2007
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Nov 21, 2007

    Completing the Philosopher Look.

    Need a little distinction, and why not?
    Issac95 Issac95
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Apr 1, 2009

    I did the Movember thing then decided to go

    with a full set of facial hair. What I didn't realise is that it would cause such controversy among my friends and work colleagues! Most of the guys are supportive and have a positive attitude, but the ladies wow! They just cant stop talking about it. I never knew I could be so...
    ProfessorDrew ProfessorDrew
    51-55, M
    1 Response Dec 14, 2014

    I've never really gone past a week without

    shaving so i decided to grow one and see if it suits me and whether i actually like having a beard. After a few months now i''ve gotten used to it and i think it suits me. I might keep it for awhile.
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    1 Response Jun 3, 2014

    Long Chin Beard

    I am starting a long chin beard. I started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. and I want to get it long enough to braid and put beads in it.  in the time since I started, it has grown about 1cm down from my chin, how long will it take to get long?
    LoveBone LoveBone
    18-21, M
    6 Responses Feb 20, 2010
    Diggemzz Diggemzz
    31-35, M
    2 Responses May 5, 2014

    Right now I'm growing out my stubble.

    A full on beard takes a while to grow, but a little bit of stubble on a man makes him look more manly in my opinion, and is what separates him from a prepubescent boy. Plus, it is fun to see the reaction of your woman when the stubbles tickle her soft, smooth feminine skin.
    TheRedTie TheRedTie
    31-35, M
    Jan 14, 2016

    My beard is long enough to be combed!

    How awesome is that?! And it looks freaking awesome on me!
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    Aug 20, 2015

    I've reached day 40 of growing out my beard!

    I love it! If you've never grown a full beard you need to try it--it's awesome!
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    Aug 23, 2015

    My Beard

    I have been wanting to grow a beard for a while but have never had the chance to do it, I just hope I like it once it grows out
    tb1009 tb1009
    Sep 20, 2008

    Because I Can!

    I have always liked the idea of growing a beard, but had thought most women would nae like me in a beard. Now at my age I think it is safe tae assume tha a beard will neither help or hurt my chances.
    Raibeart Raibeart
    51-55, M
    Apr 28, 2008
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