I Am Happy and Sad At the Same Time

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    I'm bipolar 1, this is quite common.

    Not saying it like a deserve an award for it, lol, just saying...
    Dayzdreamer Dayzdreamer
    31-35, F
    1 Response Aug 14, 2014

    Does Bipolar Go Away In Someones Life

    i don't get it. around this time last month or there about i had problems at home (with my family, my mum boyfriend and stuff) i cut myself and sometimes feel like killing myself and right now i still have the same problems but i kindda feel happy and i don't know why. i mean...
    kemilola kemilola
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 5, 2012

    Happy And Sad- And Very Lonely And Mad

    All at the same time. Why? I've been stuck at home ALL SUMMER, I didn't see a single person who was under 26 ALL SUMMER, for the last three weeks I've been shouted at for one reason or another EVERY DAY, NO VACATION, NO NOTHING! I'm not blaming anyone, it's probably my fault like...
    HappySadAndMad2012 HappySadAndMad2012
    Sep 4, 2012

    Despite still being in an emotional state at

    the moment, I have had one huge uplift today which was passing my driving test with only a minor, I hope this makes you happy as much as its made me happy, even if this happiness doesnt last long.
    Verix Verix
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 18, 2014

    I'm happy that I found my cat a new home!

    The lady is very loving and caring! But I'm sad that I have to leave my pet of 8 years! I feel like I have failed him and he isn't going to want anyone else but me! I feel so sad that I cry when I pet him now :(
    Justanobody17 Justanobody17
    18-21, F
    Jan 19, 2014

    He is just too close,

    but actually he is very far...
    SnowChocolate SnowChocolate
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 18, 2014

    Happy And Sad

    Happy and sad,How can it be?I'm all mixed up,Been shaken too much,Life,It confuses me.
    startinover1 startinover1
    Apr 16, 2012

    6 months ago today was valentines day.

    6 months ago today was I think, the happiest day of my life so far. I don't know if it's possible to cry happy and sad tears at the same time, but I think I am. Happy because I'm so lucky and so so proud, sad because it's tainted. It makes me feel comfortable, in a way, I can't...
    ForBetterOrForWorse ForBetterOrForWorse
    18-21, F
    Aug 14, 2014

    Almost all of my friends are guys

    and I'm really happy with it. But the downside is that they hang out without me because it would be weird that I would be the only girl with a group of boys. They have inside jokes without me and they never chose me for a partner in any group. It sucks. And for my birthday, I...
    Mokuba Mokuba
    16-17, F
    Sep 20, 2014

    Im Always Sad.

    I am never free of my pain, it is always there, memories of dead friends and family, lost love, rejection, depression, bullying, failure... it is all there, all the time. I hold it close as a lesson, a reminder to make myself try harder, fight longer, help more, and i have used...
    MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
    26-30, M
    Jan 28, 2013

    Although I may be leaving the place

    that causes me pain very soon, there are still too many things that are lost forever because of that pain.
    TheIceDragonReturns TheIceDragonReturns
    Apr 20, 2014

    I am so happy yet so sad at the same time.

    It's even confusing me. It's weird how some people can make such a huge difference in your life. Some in a good way, some in a bad way and some even both ways.
    DreamingSouls DreamingSouls
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Dec 18, 2014

    So I got my exam results today

    and Im a little happy and sad with them at the same time. So I got 2 C's and a B which makes me happy because I thought I had done terribly in my exams, but at the same time it makes me really sad as I was predicted higher anyway and these grades mean I cant get into the...
    Verix Verix
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 14, 2014

    Had an awesome day yesterday,

    everything went awesome but at the end one bad person with some harsh words changed my mood drastically and now i am feeling low and uneasy as if something struck me in my heart
    shadow010 shadow010
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jun 11, 2014

    I am happy, yet sad. Some days i am the

    happiest person in the world, but other days i just want to die
    annonymous56 annonymous56
    16-17, F
    Jun 4, 2015

    Happy And Sad, Up And Down, Never A Happy Medium.

    It all started 3 years ago, and life was good, I had a job, independence, my own penthouse apartment, a car, but ALL the money and sex in the world couldn't shake this feeling of something missing. So we did something about it  and conceived our first daughter, even thou the...
    oceansun oceansun
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Feb 16, 2012

    Today the brand manager asked me to moved to

    his department but still need confirmation from the director and my current boss. I wish they are agree..
    storyboutme storyboutme
    31-35, F
    Feb 3, 2015

    Hey, sorry it's Kendall again,

    hope no one minds me posting on my moms account. I just have so much to say!! So with my boy friend and his mom being back, obviously the three boys will move back into their old house with their mom and brother. We haven't sold their house yet thankfully so they still own a...
    Richardson444 Richardson444
    61-65, F
    Dec 28, 2015

    I believe that maybe it would not be painful to

    die. The pain I have has come from living, or am as semblance of living that is closer to existing. I have a good business that I desire to become great, and that requires much constant action on my part. I have an almost 9 year old son, who is being distanced from me by his...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 5, 2015
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