I Am Hurt and Mystified By Some People

I just want to make friends...not be hurtful to anyone.. 84 People


    asetek7 I am not hurt for me..I'm hurt for theonlycatsmeow.  Forced to drop a friend with whom she talked daily, because of a temper tantrum...he didn't like it that I critisized him....the nerve of me!!!!!!  Get real!! 
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    Beware Of Some

    I have led a sheltered life. And I mean that literally. I have always been careful to keep walls up so I don't get hurt. Recently I decided to let walls down a bit, and found what I thought was a friend. Never again. I came to this site because I felt people cared, and you could...
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    There Coldness

     is hard to stomach.they see someone who is dieing in front of them.and yet it dosen`t phase them at all.they can go to the mal,go play baseball,football.they can go to games.but they always have an excuse as to why they can`t go see the one person they should see.and act...
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    Oct 22, 2009


    Most of you will notice that I have a new avatar.  When I was looking for an avatar, I picked one that was ,yes, a little sexy, but one that I thought was in good taste and also classy. Earlier today, I got a comment on one of my experiences that precipitated the change of...
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    He Pinky Promised.

    i really can't understand why some people have to lie. and even more than that i am bothered by the fact that i am a grown woman and i can't seem to accept that he lied to me.  c is someone i am convinced i have spent many lifetimes with. and we re-connected almost 4 (WOW) years...
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    Mar 3, 2011

    Why Do You Assume You Know Me?

      ~ You just assume I don't take care of myself. You assume you know me by reading a few stories, by seeing me on the street, in a store, why? I'm so much more than stories, looks, fat. I do take care of myself, I do love myself most of the time. I don't believe anyone...
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    Some people really make me wonder what is in

    them to say some of the things they say, as if it sounded so cruel that even the devil wouldn't say it. Maybe out of hurt or defense? I don't know. We've all said things at one point or more that we regret. Somewhere lost in time from a while back is a hurting soul in a seven...
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    " How Can People Be So Cruel ???".........

      I am still relatively new to this site. This morning, I saw where a woman posted a story about having breast cancer in a group for people with insomnia. I could not believe that someone commented that she had posted in the wrong group, but couldn't take a moment to give her a...
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