I Am In a Husband Led Marriage

Where my husband leads the decisions and whatnot. 358 People

    How I Became A Spoiled Wife...

    I am in a husband led marriage, and I've never been happier.  It hasn't always been this way for us, it was my choice that we begin this journey together.  I think our society, doesn't teach women how to be women anymore.  We have lost our femininity, and in turn our husband...
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    I was always very independent

    but gradually just accepted that if I wanted to stay in this relationship I must compromise, a lot. Most of the time I'm happy but I feel I get irritated too easily and I feel I should. I forgive quick and move on.
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    The Door

    For more than two years there was a door lying around in our garage; an exterior quality hardwood door that required some glass panels; a door that was never going to be hung in our house because we do not need another door. We got it by default. We'd been asked to look after it...
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    I recently posted a story about what DD looks

    like in my home. i think every DD household is different. Depending on what each couple wants to accomplish as Husband and wife and as a family and this can of course change as the marriage continues. Now that you know the type of DD lifestyle that my Husband and me enjoy i’ve...
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    I love this life! He leads

    and guides me. :)
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    Aug 8, 2015

    i would not want it any other way!

    !! i recently rediscovered this on-line. i originally found it a few years ago. It is a great list of ideas on ways to submit to your Husabnd. i found this list giving me new ideas about ways to submit to my Husband. i hope that any woman out there who would like ideas on ways to...
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    There Are Some Pieces Of Work Out There...

    So today I realized what the difference between a friend and an acquaintance means. My five year old has a play-date group that gets together once a week. Well with us moving at the end of July we just sold our older car and only have one car. So I have to drive hubby to the...
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