I Am In Love For the First Time

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    I'm Living My Teenage Dream

    I am definitely in love. Right now, I'm living the teenage dream. We both go to different schools, but that doesn't and won't ever change the way we feel about eachother. In the past almost ten months we have been together, We have seen eachother a total of four times. Both of us...
    TeenageDreamer29 TeenageDreamer29
    13-15, F
    Dec 6, 2011

    It Rocks But It Can Suck Too

    I know this sounds stupid buy its true. Theres this girl am i just crazy for shes my best friend ever for one thing. Heres the basics she is basically my dream girl ....and for someone reason she dosent hate me like even i do. Shes smart, funny, has the same likes as me, knows...
    CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Aug 15, 2010

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    Meeting you changed my life. I can wake up in the morning and have worries but knowing you're by my side makes everything feel better. Before I met you, I wasn't as happy nor as confident in myself. I was always hopefully in finding someone who treats me like a princess and that...
    WaveRunner101 WaveRunner101
    26-30, F
    Aug 19, 2013


    I am almost twenty years old and until about a year ago I had no experience with dating or guys any of it. I decided to get out there started dating online met a few guys and liked one a lot we hung out and thought if I did things he wanted we would be together. I was wrong...
    SurelyUnsure SurelyUnsure
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 16, 2013

    I'm Scared of My Feelings

      I am in love with someone for the first time and it scares me.  I am 18, and I have never felt this stongly about anyone before.  We've only been dating a few months, but it feels like forever.  I can't stop thinking about him; I want to be around him all...
    lookingfortruth lookingfortruth
    2 Responses Dec 10, 2008

    The Perfect Girl ≪3

    I didn't realize it at first. It may have been like this for a while. But just now I'm realizing this. I love her. No doubts. I don't even know how it's possible to fall this hard for someone. She is everything to me. I can't explain how much she means to me. I have no clue what...
    biP0LARbear77 biP0LARbear77
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jul 17, 2013

    And May It Be My Only...

    That's all there is to it. I love you! :)
    CAnonymous CAnonymous
    22-25, F
    Nov 6, 2012

    My Girlfriend Cary

    i'll never forget the first time i met her, it was 6th grade she was new in the class and she looked amaaaaaazingly pretty, after 2 weeks of tryin to learn stuff of her by hearin from other people, dhe got paired with me in a science project, i had only said small things to her...
    archangle909 archangle909
    2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

    It's Kinda Strange

    You make me feel things that in scared to feel. I hate being open with people for sone reason I have no problem doing that with you. There are things that I'm giving to you that I cab promise you noone else will ever get because you are that special to me. Even now that I finally...
    lekseia lekseia
    18-21, F
    Nov 6, 2012

    Long-distance Love

     We met when we sang a love song together...Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'All I Ask of You', to be precise.I didn't have a chance. He was charming, romantic, good-lucking, intelligent, funny, talented, confident and very, very charismatic. Even though he lived almost 1000km away...
    lonelyheartsclub1 lonelyheartsclub1
    18-21, F
    Feb 1, 2010

    Is This Love?

    For the first time ever I feel appreciated. He accepts all my imperfections. I am so proud to have him and I feel so fortunate. I never cared for anyone like this. But am I really in love? They say if you still feel the same after 3 months it's real, and I do. And this feeling is...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

    It's great but he's a ways away

    and it's secret so I can't share my live with my family that part hurts me
    livelovehopefree livelovehopefree
    16-17, F
    1 Response Sep 26, 2014


         i am in love.I really am. its well hes my first real boyfriend but its like something clicked and i knew almost instantly he is everythink i looked for and so much more i didnt even know to look for.      Were to young, i know in my...
    embrissrose embrissrose
    Jun 10, 2008

    Im In Love

    im in love but the problem is i dont know how it feels and who exactly.there are two of them, boys, i get a strange feeling round them but i just have one single question...is it love?
    colourplum colourplum
    13-15, F
    1 Response Oct 4, 2011

    My Little Love Story.

    I met Andrew when i was 14 he was 15 & it was puppy love ^__^ we were so cute together but he was always jealous when i was talking or hanging out with a boy. He always said he didn't wanna lose me. He didn't know that him being so jealous pushed me away, until the day i ended...
    selenaheartsandrew selenaheartsandrew
    13-15, F
    Aug 9, 2012

    3 Times a Charm

    I wish I had married my new fiance first. I was married twice before and had bad experiences. My first husband ran around on me. I married my second husband because I knew he wouldn't run around on me. Now, I just want to someone to love and who loves me. I have found that kind...
    hope3 hope3
    1 Response Sep 9, 2008

    I struggled for years with self harm

    and depression and in my previous relationship it was a source of conflict and something used against me in arguments and something to make me feel like I am worthless. After meeting my current boyfriend I knew something was different. He tells me I'm beautiful, he says im...
    arirose43 arirose43
    18-21, F
    Jan 9, 2015

    First Time Love/sex

    MTV is currently looking for couples that are at a crossroads because one person thinks they are ready to have sex and the other is not. If you would like to share your story and appear to be between the ages of 16-24 then please send your name, contact info and a photo to...
    MTVsexEdcuation MTVsexEdcuation
    22-25, F
    Feb 22, 2010

    Hurtin Times.

    The first time I ever saw her I knew it was her. My best freind was actually trying to get on the go with her at the time so I knew I couldnt do anything. When she completely rejected him I felt bad for him, but its not like she was a ***** about it, she is too sweet to do that...
    Jack17 Jack17
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 15, 2009

    Fell For Him At 12

    Love him to death. Still doesn't know. I was fell at such a young age, 12! I never EVER expected it. I'm almost 14 now. I see him everyday, on the bus and walking through the hall. We talk and share smiles and laugh. He looks over at me with curiosity and I...
    Kciarak Kciarak
    Nov 6, 2010

    there were 2 people before this

    that I thought I loved, & in a way, I did love them, but this time is different. every love is different. but it's especially different because I really love this person, & I see a future with them. I have never been happier than I am now. but I'm scared, because if it doesn't...
    jewelzzzzz jewelzzzzz
    18-21, F
    May 29, 2014
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