I Am In Love With God's Grace

Have you ever wondered about how it felt to have the hand of the Lord on you? Made decisions based on the life he gave us? Our sins are washed clean from his heart streams forgivness can you feel it? 49 People

    Fresh Cup of Coffee

     Gods grace is like a fresh brewed pot of coffee.. we do not need to keep drinking the old coffee from yesterday. God brews a fresh pot each day... ahhh, a fresh cup of grace!
    hoknok hoknok
    41-45, M
    Sep 21, 2009

    What's the point of life without love.

    Without love there is no life no light nothing god made us out of love and love we should give sometimes I wonder if god knows and can do anything why do we live in a world like this one?why not a world of love? why didn't he stop the devil from being created? I found out the...
    gwen160000 gwen160000
    16-17, F
    1 Response Nov 2, 2014

    silverwings2012 silverwings2012
    61-65, F
    2 Responses Feb 8, 2016

    A couple of questions

    for you - Who is Jesus Christ? What is the Holy Spirit? What does it do to a person? You said God forgives when we mess up... What about when we seek God with radical zeal and desperation and profound torment, and are rewarded with strangling and dehumanizing convictions...
    Ajushi Ajushi
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Jan 16, 2015
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