I Am In Such A Cloud Of Confusion

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    Compiled Thoughts!!...

    Sometimes life is off track, sometimes on track, sometimes steady, sometimes unsteady, sometimes its like a sleeping beauty taking its slumber whilst daydreaming, sometimes its like like galloping horse "black beauty" wondering non-stop!!...Life seems really different from...
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    Oct 1, 2012

    I'm confused about Darwin's theory of evolution

    and the bible. Darwin: humans evolved from apes Bible: God created us from his own image My understanding: God is an ape. God created us from his own image. We evolved.
    bhoskmalet bhoskmalet
    16-17, M
    Aug 10, 2015

    How can a person feel like absolute crap

    after having a really good day. The thing about whatever condition i may have is that i can have the best day of my life but unless something happens to keep me happy right before i go to sleep my mood drops incredibly low. It frustrates me to no end. It makes the people around...
    TwystedAbyss TwystedAbyss
    22-25, M
    Jan 4, 2014

    I try to concoct a coherent thought within my

    mind, try to make a sense of it, try to find a path that would clearly show what is what, who is who in bright light but always voluptuous confusions hold me up like a cobweb in the end. A fear pulses through my veins. Its a numbing feeling I feel like running away as fast as I...
    winterfall winterfall
    Aug 18, 2015

    Things That Don't Make Sense.

    there is so much that does not make sense to me...I keep meeting men who demonstrate a lot of power and aggression over me, like they want to use power over me and I am sick of itI don't know why they do it... its not care or protectiveness or affection even...its just powerand...
    czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

    Love or lust? Just when she asked herself about

    this confusing question she was close to him. What happend that night didn't seem love to her for she didn't feel anything. The crazy ******* had never experienced love. But she was there, though she wasn't in love with him. And so was he. Maybe they wanted each other but...
    Xyanii Xyanii
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 2, 2014

    Love Not Returned

    I am in love with a man who does not return this feeling for me.  I have so many emotions and feelings for him, it kills me.  He has the feelings and love I have for him, for another woman.  This other woman keeps him stuck in such a rut.  Him and I together are trying to...
    SombreAmaranthineAmour SombreAmaranthineAmour
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Apr 20, 2011

    I dont understand on how guys work.

    Okay this maybe a long story but i have to let it all out somehow. The guy that i loved got wngaged with his ex and his excuse is more money. He claims that he is in love with me but then his facebook shows another story that he is serious with this engagement with his "ex" gf...
    iheartlovesyou iheartlovesyou
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 29, 2014
    justmeiguess1001 justmeiguess1001
    16-17, F
    Jul 17, 2014

    Confusion Vs Confusion!!..

    I dont know that wt has happened to my damn mentality,.....!!To me, not getting admission in any medical college feels like as if i m a criminal, and is guilty of doing something wrong!!...Well, thats sort of crazy. My brother, he is junior to me, and he looks at my results as if...
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    Sep 28, 2012

    When you're in a place of confusion Not sure

    if you're right side up or upside down When your mind is mixed up You feel out of control When you feel so damn lost You fee you have no place to turn You're at the end of your road You don't know the answers There's nobody that'll help you What What then do you do?
    zanyzoey zanyzoey
    41-45, F
    Jan 8, 2015

    What Should I Do?

    i have been listening to a lot of people who are diagnosed by HIV lately, and it starts to get into me now that i might be HIV positive. im afraid to go for an HIV test and these people say similar(to the wy i do things) stories as to how they got infected....please advise, what...
    vivatious vivatious
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 18, 2012

    An Open Letter To Myself.

    Dear Mary, Bear with me. My thoughts are jumbled and I am attempting stream of consciousness right now. I used to be so skilled at analyzing people, helping them with their issues, giving them a wall upon which to help keep them standing or at least supported. As of late I...
    MaryPearl MaryPearl
    22-25, F
    Oct 12, 2013

    I don´t know where to start,

    but I can tell you this. My name is David, and i have had a very bad childhood. I have experienced alot of things in my life. actually to many things, that i thought about committing suicide. from being a criminal villain to be bullied at school. I had a confusion in what my...
    11DaveRp 11DaveRp
    22-25, M
    Sep 3, 2015

    Hope And Hoplessness..

    How do I move on if things remain unresolved??How do I give up hope when a conversation that would change everything is still yet to be had??To solve our problem would change our world - who knows in what direction, but things cannot remain the same.I cannot remain in wonder.I...
    rockyj rockyj
    31-35, F
    Jun 19, 2011

    Immortality - Pearl Jam

     Vacate is the word...vengeance has no place on me or herCannot find the comfort in this worldArtificial tear...vessel stabbed...next up, volunteersVulnerable, wisdom can't adhere...A truant finds home...and a wish to hold on...But there's a trapdoor in the sun...immortality...
    SombreAmaranthineAmour SombreAmaranthineAmour
    31-35, F
    Aug 2, 2011

    Can't take the commotion.

    Have to get away; too much confusion
    deleted deleted
    Jul 25, 2014

    I really am a very big confusion.

    .. And a little weird too... All this time i thought.. Bad days are over... I have somehow overcome n made good changes in life... But there lies a deep dark truth which reminds me everytime... Though i have overcome a little... I have given up trust on everyone... Even though...
    PS333 PS333
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 27, 2014

    Our True Identity!!....

    Everyone respect their homes!....Yet no one respect their true homes, no one respect their eternal homes.One day, we are going to become part of something we do not respect at all! This mere sand!! One day we'll dessolve in it with no evidence that we really did existed at all...
    deleted deleted
    Sep 29, 2012

    Smart phone, computer,

    iPad. I have one of each, and cannot tell what day it is. This week I went on a trip, came back one day too soon because I thought it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Then I went to a meeting, and wondered why no one was there. I showed up one hour too soon. Cannot get things...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 25, 2014

    In a field beyond every right

    and wrong,will we ever meet.
    winterfall winterfall
    Aug 26, 2015

    Cannot focus on one single thing.

    I'll be on one project, and the simplest thing will turn be away from it. Sometimes, cannot even get both shoes on before I'm distracted to do something else. Then I have so many unfinished projects, I say forget it.
    deleted deleted
    Jul 25, 2014
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