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    Lebanon :)

    i'm only half lebanese, but i know more about my lebanese side more than anything. i would love to move to lebanon and live there if it wasnt for the current situation there. i went there last year to visit family, and got stuck in between the israel-lebanon war, it was the...
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    I'm an Arab American.

    I've never been to Lebnan but my Arabic is fairly developed. Lebanon is truly one of those places that seems like heaven on Earth(that is solely based on aesthetics and word of mouth from my parents). Inshallah I get the privilege of visiting my homeland one day. Long live...
    FatmeBazzii FatmeBazzii
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    I am Lebanese but have been born

    and raised in Australia. I have a disconnect with my culture as I grew up in a community surrounded by the Australian culture (which isn't bad ) but after attending a lebanese event last night it left me wanting to be immersed in it. I can't wait to visit one day and fully...
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    Lebanons Is Most Beautiful Arabic Country

    I am not  fro Lebanon , but i have been there twice :)I had love story with Lebanese girl , i hope to live there 
    Feras80 Feras80
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    I Am Lebanese

    I was born and raised in australia.. I went to lebanon three times as a kid, and i loved it more each time i went.. My dream was to live in lebanon... The fourth time i went i was 20.. I fell in love with the country even more and i fell in love with a man who is now my husband...
    Daniellakay Daniellakay
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    Lebanese And Proud

    I read all the stories in this group and I was devastated. It's actually sad how some of you can't or won't come here because of our political situation.I want you to know that it's the best. I've been around the world, and when I return here it's heaven on earth despite the...
    idwellondreams idwellondreams
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    Most Beautiful Country In The World

    Growing up I had only been to Lebanon two times in my life: when I was 2 and when I was four. Both of my parents are 100% Lebanese - but I always think we're not fully Lebanese because me and all my siblings are mistaken for complete Americans (although we ARE born there, it has...
    ivorydoll ivorydoll
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    Ive been raised in Germany

    both my Parents are from Lebanon we fly down once a year in summer on my first fly down there ive been very nervous as soon as the plain landed i got that relieving feeling ''im finally home'' its just that country is so nice the people the ocean im so proud to be lebanese and...
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    Jan 25, 2014

    Hi everyone.. I am Lebanese

    and I live in Lebanon. As I am new to EP I would like to chat with anyone interested :) Hope to hear from you soon
    roysalemeh roysalemeh
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    Im Lebanese

    I was born in lebanon but raised in the U.S. I havent seen lebanon since i was 2 years old so i basically dont have a clue how it looks like in person. I will hopefully visit there this coming summer. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how its like there? Is if a fun place...
    whoameye whoameye
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    I ask myself sometimes,why was i born in this country?For since i was a little boy i've heard stories of our so great so beautiful country,about our culture and heritage,about its mountains and coast,about the romans the kanaanites the phenoecians and many many others that lived...
    jonahsalam jonahsalam
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    Jul 12, 2013

    Here is a young girl just

    as I was a young girl in Israel.Our fathers are heros of Lebanon.
    anotherlittlelamb anotherlittlelamb
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    Hidden Beauty Of A Forgotten Country

    Not long ago I really hated this country I hated being a part of it I hated my self for being lebanese I hated everything LEBANESE but then I saw the true Lebanon the one hidden by the bloodshed violence and recklessness of its own people I saw its true beauty not the night...
    Christheforgotten Christheforgotten
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    My Other Half

    My father is Lebanese and my mother is Irish. I am not allowed to know anyone on my father's side because he says it is too dangerous. I really strive to show my heritage, but it is hard to since I cant ask my other family members about it. The closest thing I do to my heritage...
    DeliriousKitten DeliriousKitten
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    Chubby Thighs

    Research shows that one's fat may be attributed, to some degree, to the consumption of high fat foods in one's youth.  Butter, honey, pistachios, OH MY! My Grandma Marie's baklava was like no other. She used to bake huge sheet pans and cut portions into immense triangles. Others...
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    FIND HERE... http://www.ozy.com/good-sht/belly-laughs-in-lebanon-with-yoga/40792
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    Jun 12, 2015

    My Grandmother

    My father's mother was Lebanese. My father's father was Syrian but may have been Lebanese since at that time, the borders were not the same as the modern day ones (he was born in the late 1800s). I know very little of their lives and have waited too long to contact my cousin who...
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    who wants to be in a whatsapp group?

    comment ur numbers :)
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    Me Tooo!

    My father is Lebanese, my mother was bornin england. they met in Oklahoma US.fell in love and have been together forever. =)
    premeditatedforclosure premeditatedforclosure
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    Apr 14, 2011

    hello fellow Lebanese people.

    I'm Lebanese-Armenian. Grew up in Greece and now I live in New Hampshire U.S.A any one near let me know. would love to make more friends :)
    Bettyr94 Bettyr94
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    Aug 30, 2015

    My Heritage Haunts My Dreams And Calls Me To Places Of Adversity

    I was so young the first time I had the dream. I don't suppose I could tell you how old I was, only that I was very, very young. So young the world was still much taller than me and I looked up to everything around me. There have been so many versions they sort of meld together...
    WyldIris WyldIris
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    Mar 17, 2010

    I Am

    My dad is lebanese but born in the U.S. my mom is puerto rican for some reason since i was young i considered myself  more lebanese. i was not even raised with the culture but feel it in my heart my family thinks thats weird. I never get any answers when i ask about my family...
    sephra510 sephra510
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    Latin America

    I have Lebanese ancestry. Thanks for the Spaniards mixing with them. I love my ancestry and would like to get to know it more.
    sfdrboy sfdrboy
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    Aug 19, 2013

    'm only a quarter, but look

    so Lebanese. I got my grandmothers looks, mostly everything accept the lips. I got her long legs, long fingers and slender frame. I got her hair and eyes, her ears and eyebrows, nose. Sadly she died before I was born, and how I conceived(donor) she didn't agree with, so I wouldn...
    AliceReel AliceReel
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    Jan 15, 2014

    I Am Lebanese!!!!

    and Proud to be. Unfortunately people look at US as crap. But we have the best food in the world, the largest tables of food in the world. YOU can be skiing in the mountains and in half an hour in a HOT swimming pool. we have hunting sports.... the only country in the world...
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    Nov 21, 2013

    I Love Lebanon

    i am Lebanese and so proud.But the people is the reason why we are still consider as a third world country.Don't get me wrong i love my fellow citizen and i know we are a very educated well raised people it is just our religion that is forcing us to have these unnecessary...
    suckerforromance2 suckerforromance2
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