I Am Living With Someone Out of Convenience

This is about living with someone not because you want to but because you have to. Maybe it's because you are not able to live on your own financially or maybe it's because you share children. 15 People

    It Was Hard To Make The Call

    When my ex was taken off to jail, I had no where to go. I had no job, and we had planned to live together and the lease was up in a matter of weeks. So I sucked it up, and made a call to a guy I dated, and told him I needed a place to live. It has been tolerable I guess. But I...
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    This is something that hasn't happened yet, but is in the next couple of months. Due to the screwed up economy, many people have been suffering and losing their house. Including my mom and I. We've been looking for a place because she's obligated to care for me (seems that...
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    Games, Pain & Darkness...

    I am living with me ex girlfriend. we were together for two years and things were groovy. But I could'nt give here what she wanted. She wants a family, I do too but I still am not sure when??? She's 28 and I'm 34. I think her baby making clock is freakn her out. I.e. time running...
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    Life As I Have Live It.

    Adrian and Sara Angel have me as Father. He is three and she is two. Both of them are in good health. Me and Mom are also in good health.
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    The Move In

    This is the story of how I ended up living with my current 'partner'. We had been seeing each other for about 8 years, and we were living in our own separate apartments. I live in a mega-city and he lived in a nearby town. I had a one bedroom that I was living in with my 2...
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    Live With Ex Fiance.

    at least i don't have to live with another human female.... like if i were at my mom's... and my ex fiance lets me stay without a job for now. and he pays all the bills. he ruined my checks last time. for the trade school that paid big. he got me kicked out of it. and so it's...
    rashadaalia rashadaalia
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    Oct 23, 2009

    When L-o-v-e Turned Into L-i-v-e

    My ex boyfriend and I are living together because financially we are not able to live apart. We were living together when we broke up. Do I love him? No, but I care for him and I am concerned what happens to him. We do not have any children together but he takes care of...
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