I Am Looking Forward To Warm Weather

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    1 Response Jun 8, 2014
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    Mar 3, 2015

    I Saw The Girl Across The Street Get Spanked By Her Mom!

    When i was bout 14 and the girl was 13.We were playing that day n her mom came up to us n said that no one is allowed in the house that she was going shopping,we said ok.Her mom went out n I told her lets go in the housre for a drink n play aroung.So we did what a mistake.Her mom...
    Spnkbooty Spnkbooty
    51-55, M
    5 Responses May 24, 2012

    For the first time ever I haven't been able to

    skate for a long period of time due to weather...O_o huh.
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    1 Response Mar 4, 2015
    CallmeHopelessNotRomantic CallmeHopelessNotRomantic
    36-40, F
    Dec 16, 2014

    It's About Time

    We're in British Summer Time, and it's still more like winter time. Summer, hurry!
    mizzen123 mizzen123
    46-50, M
    10 Responses Apr 2, 2010

    Its End of May now, its cold here in England.

    When i grew up, it use to be so hot this time of year. With all the gases and pollution its no wonder how climate has changed in this country. I think I should get my old GCSE geography books out, and learn about the environment.
    AncientStar AncientStar
    31-35, M
    May 25, 2014

    All Year Long.

    I hate winter. Somehow I just wasn't made for cold. People tell me I seem significantly happier in the summer, and they're right. I am happier. I get honestly depressed sometimes when winter sets in. The dark weeks just before and just after Christmas are the worst. Christmas and...
    TheRealJade TheRealJade
    18-21, F
    Mar 4, 2012

    Today is the first day of spring

    and it's snowing. Gotta love mother nature.
    RoastedCycki RoastedCycki
    70+, F
    1 Response Mar 20, 2015

    It is minus 17 with the windchill,

    so looking forward to the summer and shorts
    riandj riandj
    41-45, M
    Mar 24, 2014

    let me just say I hate snow.

    I hate it. I don't know why I moved to a state that has more snow days in Winter than sunny warm days. What the hell was I thinking?
    halfblind79 halfblind79
    36-40, M
    Mar 3, 2015

    Come on Missouri!!!!!

    It's spring time!!!!! Why is it 30 degrees?!?!?! Where's the 50's and 60's???? No more winter please???? I love winter and everything, but I'm sick of it now.
    EmoSakurachan EmoSakurachan
    Mar 30, 2014

    I got my license exactly one month ago

    and I also bought a cheap car to get used to driving. But it keeps snowing. I don't want to start to driving when the city is so congested with traffic. This winter feels like it's never ending.
    LunaSolTierra LunaSolTierra
    31-35, F
    Mar 3, 2015

    You could say I'm looking forward to warm

    weather. The high Monday is 0 degrees. Is that even real? What does that even mean? A HIGH OF NOTHINGNESS. THE WARMEST IT WILL BE IS NO DEGREES? ZERO. 0. Low of -4. Not cool, weather. Hate my life. I will not be participating in life activities on Monday. Also, the high...
    ratchray ratchray
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 3, 2014

    I Want To Migrate Too

    I hate the cold, i'm warm blooded and want to stay that way. When it's winter i hate it, everything about it. The sharp iced wind, the chill in the air that cools to the bone, makes me want to crawl back inside, and stay next to my warm heater. The winters here get very cold, we...
    ClearEyesCream ClearEyesCream
    22-25, F
    Dec 14, 2011

    It's Not Cold But I Prefer It Warmer!

    I am a warm weather woman. I love to be naked in the garden, and fortunately I can be most of the year here in Saint Andre. The few months where it's too cold to do this are challenging months for me! Haha! I love the sun. It's doesn't always like me since I am anaemic, but in...
    aoutdouze aoutdouze
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 3, 2013
    Burrman Burrman
    51-55, M
    Feb 28, 2015
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