I Am Married To A Heroin Addict

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    I Am Truly Beginning To Hate Him!

    I met him in 07 ... He seemed so sweet and kind, 14yrs older than me so I though he would have his life together.  Never thought in a million years he would be addicted to heroin & crack.  Four years & two kids later I have had enough.  After all the lying, stealing, broken...
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    I was once with a great man.

    He has a heroin addiction and hid it from me as best he could - I finally ended the relationship and haven't spoken to him in over a year. I check the obituaries regularly. It's sad and I love him but...
    Ozzy1315 Ozzy1315
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    Soul For Sale

    My husbands perspective of life on heroin In a dream I am standing at the crossroads Uncertain of what the future holds knowing the past is lost Aware of all the pain me and these track marks caused At the center of the crossroads the Devil is calling my name His face and my...
    BulletsHeroin BulletsHeroin
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    ......proudly divorced!

    darn hillbilly heroin!!!! sdmf jus one fix
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    i have been married to husband for 12 years and he has been struggling with heroin for 23 years. He is the most beautiful black man I ever met. And we fell in love love like I've never felt for another man. but he has been in and out of jail for almost our entire relationship...
    cheressa cheressa
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    Aug 24, 2012

    I Knowingly Married A Heroin Addict

    I married a heroin addict 13 months ago.  I knew he was an addict when we got married and I married him anyway.  My brother died at 18 years old from a drug overdose 15 years ago and I was terified that the same thing would happen to my husband. ...
    Natalie34 Natalie34
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    I Am Married To A Heroin Addict Or Should I Say I Am Married To Heroin

    I met him when I was 19, I got pregnant shortly after and he left me. I had no idea he had a drug problem or what other things he was going through. Six years and 15 child support court dates later.... I found out he was in jail and that was why he wasnt showing up. I decided to...
    Loveshim2much Loveshim2much
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