I Am Married To A Narcissist

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    Is there anything you can do to push a

    narcissist over the edge? I read that the only way to control them is to make them fear you. I don't want to invest my energy in that because it sounds like a lot of effort. Instead I focus on my kids and getting free of the narc, getting out. Any tips to break him down?
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    This is one of the better articles ove read

    about some of the possible causes of narcissistic personality disorder and how it causes the person to behave. This is one of the closest descriptions I've come across of how my relationship with my wife has collapsed over the last year. It's like reading my journal. She's...
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    I really get angry on days like today.

    I begged my Narc husband for emotional support a year ago when I needed to quit the demanding job I have. It requires me to travel and be away from my 3 year old kids who need me. Especially on days like today when they are sick coughing with runny nose wan ear aches and should...
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    I finally put my narc wife on a budget.

    Her emotional and irresponsible spending over the last year has gone unchecked but I finally gathered the strength and resolve to stand up to her and put some boundaries in place. She has been spending way beyond our means and repeatedly ignored my requests to control her...
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    If you are in a relationship with someone with

    NPD, BPD, or an antisocial behavior (even if they just show traits) I'd highly recommend this book if you are even considering leaving them. It's a little clinical at times but is spot on accurate with describing what you might expect when a Blamer goes through a separation or...
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    3 Responses Feb 14, 2015
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    Be Strong.. Be Positive..

    When you start setting up boundaries with your narcissist it will feel like something is going wrong. This is because conflict continues. See, you have been used to just giving in and doing whatever they want. No conflict. Well, now that you are setting up boundaries, suddenly...
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    I came across this and parts of it really hit

    home. Hope it helps some friends on here too. http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/what-would-it-take-for-a-narcissist-to-heal/
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    Dec 19, 2015

    Argh!!!!! I hate her constant needling

    and provocations. I'm usually pretty good about ignoring them but no one is perfect. It's a constant barrage of criticisms and put downs and instructions, with never any recognition for anything I do. So sometimes I snap back at her and suddenly she flips it around on me and I...
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    Just Realized Whats Wrong With Him

    I wish I knew then what I know now, those words are worth a million! I couldn't understand why my husband was the way he was towards me I too have experienced a lot of what you guys have gone through. As I'm reading all of these post I'm crying my eyes out I just don't know what...
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    Married To A Very Abusive Narrssasist

    I have been married to an abusive narrsasist for three years. He is mentall,economically,and physically abusive to me and my children. My children don't live with us because if him. They are from a previous marriage and aren't his. His ex wife warned me about him before we...
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    2 Responses Jan 14, 2012
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