I Am My Own Parasite

I don't need a host to live. 10 People

    I feel like I am draining those around me.

    Everyone is trying to help me, but I can't seem to help myself. Sometimes I feel parasitic, as If I am sucking the life out of those who are closest to me. Do I just cut the ties (next year that I'll study abroad) and let them live their lives or do I pretend to keep going on...
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    Milk It

    I am my own parasite I don't need a host to live We feed off of each other We can share our endorphins Doll steak! Test Meat! Look on the bright side, suicide Lost eyesight I'm on your side Angel left wing, right wing, broken wing Lack of iron and/or sleeping I own my own pet...
    Mistake Mistake
    26-30, M
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