I Am Not Part of My Father's "Real" Family

For people who's Dads have moved on to their "real" family 30 People

    My father remarried to a *****

    and had a son of whom she has alienated against me. When I asked why'd he have to remarry, he said, "Did you expect me to wait around my whole life your you?" Maybe I did dad, maybe I did...
    picses2222 picses2222
    16-17, F
    Sep 11, 2014

    I've Never Felt Welcome

    My God, I don't even know where to begin. My whole pre-19 life was spent trying to please him and his new wife, but never doing it. I even went to the college she dropped out of. I spent many nights crying asking my mother and myself why he didn't love me. I tried to be the...
    k10 k10
    1 Response Jun 3, 2008

    Never Knew Him, Probably For the Best.

      Never knew him, probably for the best. Where to begin? As far as I know, I have never met my father. Everything I know of him is through family and Mom telling me. He and my Mom had been together for awhile before she became pregnant with me. They were engaged, although...
    smebro smebro
    22-25, M
    4 Responses May 14, 2007
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