I Am Not Romantic

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    *Clears Throat*

    I don't like flowers. There! I said it. Walking on the beach holding hands is not romantic to me. Dinner by candle light worries me, I can't stop obsessing over how risky it is to have wine and litten candles in the same space. Candles in the bedroom for a romantic night? FORGET...
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    3 Responses Jun 13, 2013

    I am not impressed with grand gestures.

    I am far more impressed by people who show their affection by being a decent person. Don't make a romantic gesture of flowers or gifts when you won't even pick up after yourself! If you really need a holiday to show someone you care, then you have bigger issues.
    cgould72 cgould72
    41-45, F
    1 Response Feb 13, 2015

    I have always put mind

    and body first before the heart, and now it's taking its toll and challenging. It's kind of funny how people get crazy over love and I'm here, like, "I wanna graduate, get a job, earn money, build a charity. Love life? What's that?"
    Alphie5 Alphie5
    22-25, M
    1 Response May 28, 2014

    Am I the only one who thinks people love

    differently? I mean people are different,its just so I fall on the not romantic kind. I hate it I'm not one of those who loves cheesy gestures of love notes and flowers. But I dont think I agree with what my partner is trying to say, that I dunno how to love because I am not...
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    1 Response Apr 30, 2015

    So like, someone sent me a message asking what

    my type was. Well ti be honest, I don't have a type. I just I'm not interested in people like that. Its confusing I know but you know if I did, I would go for a guy with either, glasses, braces, dimples, freckles, or fluffy hair :) But yeah I hope that answers your question...
    AlwaysTheLast AlwaysTheLast
    16-17, F
    Jan 14, 2014

    It's Just Not For Me

    I sometimes get the vibe from people that I should apologize for this. Like it's some horrible illness. I am just not into all of the silly games that people play when they fall in love. I'm not into buying sentimental, clichéd gifts; I don't like tedious innuendoes and...
    flintlockpistol flintlockpistol
    18-21, F
    1 Response Oct 13, 2010

    I'm Pretty Sure

    That I'm not the only lass who doesn't like romance. But sometimes it feels like it.   I don't like gifts, flowers, chocolates (I like chocolate itself but not...ehh, I'm sure you know what I mean), Valentines, chivalry, dressing up and going to romantic meals, candles...
    outofphase outofphase
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 1, 2010

    I Am Not Romantic

    I Am Not Romantic... I've been told by women that know me that if they found an ounce of romance in me they would faint! lol But i do seem to have something else that replaces it instead... I dunno what it is they won't tell me! lol
    GoodGuy34 GoodGuy34
    31-35, M
    10 Responses Apr 1, 2008

    Is It Wrong For A Girl To Be Boyisch

    What is the actual point of being a bit boyisch? I mean, i'm not a romantic girl, with flowers in her hair, wearing a sweet dress, wanting to have a candle light dinner... I prefer watching James Bond, go play soccer and many guys seem to like that, but NOT if their girlfriend...
    fleurvanl fleurvanl
    18-21, F
    Jan 11, 2013

    I am not at all romantic,

    I am in fact Aromantic; platonic one. But I read romance novels. I am an avid reader ; most of the stuff about love. But I am not into steamy romance, not even those books that contain erotic romance I go for those that hold mixture of emotions; Love, sorrow, laughter...
    hiddentears hiddentears
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 7, 2015
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