I Am Not Strong Enough

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    Please Stop

    I am not strong enough to live on anymore with... who else than myself? I don't have the power to live my life anymore. I don't have the power to pull myself out of depressions. Gosh I hate this. And I want it to stop. I'm not strong enough to do it anymore... I'm not saying...
    whatsername whatsername
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Dec 19, 2007

    I Have Not Got The Arms To Fite.

    I am not strong to fite the blues. I am not strong to fite the angels away. Hear i am standing with no strong arms. So down and blue. No one gets me in my life. Just a small mouse hiding away. A lady rapt in white. Comes and sees me. And says you will be who you will be. It is a...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Nov 22, 2011

    I really like him, a lot.

    He makes me so happy, just looking at him makes me smile ear to ear. He needed a place to stay and I needed a Roomate so I figured why not .. I figured I was done trying to have a relationship with him and I've made the choice not to have sexual relations with him either so I...
    starzbound2fall starzbound2fall
    26-30, F
    May 2, 2015

    Tired Of This Life :-(

    tired of this life.. i hate facebook when i see what girls i grew up with are doing . their life paths seem to have been paved with golden stones ..stones that are comfortable to walk on ..my life path has been paved with stones that get in my shoes and hurt my feet .... out of...
    psychicprayer psychicprayer
    1 Response Jan 2, 2013

    Earlier this morning,

    I went to my parents' grave and placed a wreath of flowers on their tombstones. Then I stood there, just quiet and crying. Why am I not strong enough for this? Why do I keep feeling down? I'll be alright now. That will always be the hardest thing to do. But it's necessary to...
    NeoxExor NeoxExor
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Dec 19, 2014

    Not Strong.wanna Be Powerful

    I do not need to psychologist any more~someone--my great mom helped me to find out that I was not strong enough,just not strong enough. I don't want to talk much to people around,because I'm so afraid they would steal sumthing from me or learn sumthing from tinny me. When I...
    Zinniqe Zinniqe
    18-21, F
    Mar 3, 2008

    To take this depression **** everyday.

    .. I am not strong enough to do this another year... To constantly drowning, choking, dying, well im already dead so i cant be dying, im empty and i cant go another year like this..,
    deleted deleted
    May 7, 2015


    I have an awesome job.  I'm deployed in Afghanistan as a Marine Adviser right now.  But even though I have enured hell and accomplished more than I have ever thought possible, I still feel empty.  My family and friends don't understand what it is to be alone in Afghanistan...
    derekbakken derekbakken
    2 Responses Dec 17, 2011

    To deal with life lately.

    I wish I could take care of my own needs and emotions more so that I could be there better to help others.
    Sewmuch2do Sewmuch2do
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jan 4, 2016

    I Don't Feel Like It...

    I don't feel likle I am strong enough to live anymore, yet I also don't think I am strong enough to die either. I don't know. its just so hard right now...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 12, 2009

    I Don't Have the Power Anymore

    i just can't, i don't have the strenght to live so... every day the same people which can't stand me out and which i can't stand out. i have very often suicide thoughts... few times i tried to kill myself, i cut my wrist, but i was a coward and i didn't do it too deep.. but it...
    misunderztood misunderztood
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 15, 2007

    Not Strong Enough To Leave?

    Hi all,I found out my partner was cheating on me a year ago, he begged for another chance and has been trying very hard ever since.However it doesnt matter what he does now, it cant undo what hes already done, i dont want to be with that kind of person.One problem, IM WEAK...
    dollyrose4 dollyrose4
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Jan 20, 2010

    I Am Not Strong Enough to Do This.....

    I am not strong enough to do this project.  It has taken me away from home for 25 weeks and flying home every weekend is just not cool.  After only 5 weeks I am homesick, miserable every day during the week.  I feel sick all the time and have a rash from the stress...
    Polanski Polanski
    1 Response Apr 1, 2009

    We All Have A Breaking Point

    I can't be everyone's whipping boy and get no love back and feel great not ever with an antidepressant can I just bounce back from abuse, people have to understand i can only be expected to take so much without love and support I can't stay happy when all you get is abuse. I am...
    czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
    36-40, F
    1 Response Apr 16, 2011


    I am not able to just stay strong like everybody expects me to. At the end of the day, I did have to grow up quicker but that doesn't immediatly mean that i act the age of an adult. I am only thirteen. I can't keep drowning... I need to learn how to swim but I dont know when that...
    Jas4001 Jas4001
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 8, 2013
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