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I Am Not Wearing Panties

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    Sometimes I like to go to work without panties

    because I like to give my boss a little peek when I cross my legs. I guess he finally noticed because he slipped his hand under my skirt for a few minutes yesterday
    candiicane candiicane
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Aug 26, 2014

    I absolutely love Stockings

    but hate panties ! So every opportunity I get I don't ware any . Love being in everyday situations where convention would say I should be wearing them. And the fact that I'm not just gives me that naughty little hit that I need. Also love it when people know im not wearing...
    lucymaxwell lucymaxwell
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 17, 2015

    I don't like to wear panty.

    Even sometimes i go office without wearing panty while i was wearing a short skirt. I rarely wear panty at home.
    deleted deleted
    12 Responses Mar 13, 2015


    not much of a story,just more and more becoming a habit
    mandabear17 mandabear17
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 27, 2012

    I don't wear panties

    when I am at home or going to work. Even when I wear a short skirt to anywhere, I never use any panties.
    hawtiramissu hawtiramissu
    26-30, F
    2 Responses May 15, 2015

    The guys I work with have begun seeing me in a

    different light. They had know I was lesbian when I started at the theatre, but now they know I have become bisexual. I love to tease them when changing into my overalls.
    Mstroig Mstroig
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Sep 9, 2014

    It is my 5th day without pants.

    I wear miniskirt and they are light enough to show my ***** accidentally while I turn or wind goes by. Even going to school without anything of my skirt. I am wet all the time and I love it
    Enenenena Enenenena
    26-30, F
    14 Responses Aug 3, 2014

    They feel very restricting

    and uncomfortable. I just prefer to go without them whenever I can. I do own a couple pairs though that I like the way I look in them.
    keribaby keribaby
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Jun 9, 2014

    I Hate Panties!

    I love women that don't wear panties! I can't stand underwear on me or women, I love nothing but bare butt under clothes!!!
    1962michael 1962michael
    46-50, M
    Aug 20, 2011

    At Work

    Sitting here at work with my dress on and no panties and it is now becoming normal for me. It has been over a month since I have worn them on a basis and I don't think I'm going back. only when necessary.
    foxy697 foxy697
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Aug 21, 2013

    I have always tried very hard to take every

    opportunity not to wear panties. I even started doing so at school. I was 16 had just returned from the summer holidays to take my place in the 6th form . I was filling a C cup bra in fact the only thing missing was my panties xx Tell me boys and girls . If I would have sat...
    lucymaxwell lucymaxwell
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 17, 2015
    Themunk Themunk
    26-30, M
    Jun 26, 2015
    LifeDispenser LifeDispenser
    36-40, M
    Aug 30, 2014

    Sometimes this one's true - sometimes it isn't

    ;) When I'm wearing jeans I normally prefer not to wear knickers. I just like the feel of the fabric sliding against my skin - plus I got out of the habit of pulling up knickers after using the loo, so now if I wear them I get up, pull up my jeans, and find that my knickers are...
    BSTisapain BSTisapain
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Oct 24, 2014

    No Way!

    And neither does my girlfriend either!
    michaelhatesunderwear michaelhatesunderwear
    46-50, M
    Jul 11, 2012

    I Hate Wearing It But I Love My Collection :P

    I don't like to wear panties at all. But sometimes have to wear it. I actually hate that time. It makes me little bit cautious and uncomfortable. I remember the time when I started working, most of the time I forgot to wear my panty as I have to rush for my work in early morning...
    divaxz divaxz
    26-30, F
    14 Responses Sep 4, 2013

    It's Saturday morning

    and I'm just chilling with only a shirt on. It's comfier when I'm lazing not to have any on, not sure about you other girls.
    BeckyMxxx BeckyMxxx
    18-21, F
    Sep 27, 2014

    Once my teacher grab my ****

    and said she wanted to see it then play with it
    lastdopeking lastdopeking
    26-30, M
    Aug 29, 2014

    I don't even own panties anymore,

    I never wear them anyway. I think it's the most useless piece of clothing ever.
    Sanvis Sanvis
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Jul 12, 2014

    I have a hood piercing

    which obviously affects me in a certain way. Some days, wearing panties can just add to everything! I love the stimulation I get, on and off. I love the daring being out but pantiless, and at work! It is intense!
    Desartes Desartes
    26-30, F
    4 Responses May 10, 2014
    deleted deleted
    5 Responses Sep 12, 2015

    I'm wearing a skirt, no I don't wear panties

    hardly ever. I just sat down on a metal chair and my freaking skirt flared out. The seats freaking cold!
    LadyCNote LadyCNote
    31-35, F
    8 Responses Jun 21, 2014

    How come society makes us feel bad

    for thinking out the box when all the time it's made up to control us. Come play at secreterotica . com it's sexy, fun the groups and library are wicked and no BS censorship either.
    YouKnowItMakesSense YouKnowItMakesSense
    31-35, M
    Nov 28, 2014

    Isn't it obvious? I'm a guy,

    I wear boxers. I am a big fan of panties though. :)
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 8, 2014

    I got the idea to go without panties last night.

    But today I actually acted on it. I started the day with some on but I ended up going to the bathroom during class to take them off. I took my bra off too. I thought I would be more scared but I'm not. I might even take off my bulky sweater when I leave to go to my car. I like...
    Evangelionxo Evangelionxo
    22-25, F
    3 Responses May 5, 2014

    In Fact

    i am not wearing panties and in fact I am sitting here completely nude as I EP this evening. (giggles) sorry if this is TMI but I am just being the ever truthfiul me. 
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    24 Responses May 9, 2011
    Themunk Themunk
    26-30, M
    Jun 26, 2015

    Just lying on my bed with my feet up the wall.

    Heating is on and my room is the perfect temperature for just lying naked.
    BeckyMxxx BeckyMxxx
    18-21, F
    Nov 2, 2014

    Hush!!! I Am Not Wearing Any Panties Okay,

    since you asked, I do a lot of sales presentations at meetings. One thing I do sometimes to get energized is dress nicely, and then, uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm like maybe skip the bra (I'm a B cup, maybe), or even worse, my panties. I don't know what it is, but doing a presentation in...
    JanieNudiePants JanieNudiePants
    31-35, F
    108 Responses Jan 2, 2014

    I have a short dress on

    and I'm not wearing any panties. I want to find a stranger to show off to after work, but I don't know how. How will I know how and when to show off my bbw self?
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Sep 12, 2014

    I Can Say This Almost Every Day Each Month!

    Going commando, as they call it, is normal to me. There are occasions I have to wear panties, like when my period is particularly heavy, but these aside I go without. There is no risk, even when I am at school with the children! The idea of having to wear something that often...
    aoutdouze aoutdouze
    22-25, F
    8 Responses Nov 6, 2013

    That's right, I don't have any panties on.

    I'm naked, and ready for bed.
    No4skin49 No4skin49
    61-65, M
    Aug 27, 2015

    It's not that I'm totally against them,

    it's just that I find them uncomfortable. I feel that it restricts me.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 30, 2014
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