I Am Ok With Being Fat Sometimes

Some days I am comfortable with exactly who I am. :) 119 People

    Once In A While.

    If you had to say what a healthy person looked like, the majority of you would say slim. I guess to some extent that is true. I was flicking through a trashy magazine the other day and there was a photo of Eva Langoria. She looked awful. She was at that lollipop head stage and...
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    So I've been trying to lose weight.

    Lost about 20 lbs since January and I'm very proud of myself. Come a long way towards loving my body. Most days I can be pretty self conscious though. But then there are days that I'm with just the right people, and I've eaten that magical amount of just a little too much food...
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    Mar 4, 2016

    Some Days

    Yeah, I know. I'm the one always joining the "I-Wish-I-Wasn't-Fat" groups on EP. And I am the one who refuses to date because of her weight. And I am the one who loathes shopping for clothes because of my fat and weird body. Yep, the same girl who does all that just created this...
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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    Being fat bothers me because people can be so cruel and judgmental. I currently weigh around 320lbs. I do not feel comfortable with this weight and am working on it. I have days where I feel like crap. There are other days when I dress up and my clothes hug me in just the...
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    The Girl In The Picture Is Almost The Girl Of My Dreams

    The girl in the picture is almost the girl of my dreams.She has a  BEAUTIFUL ripe physique.The only thing that could make her more beautifulis if she was pregnant.If I could plan the wedding of my dreams,she's already wearing her wedding dress.That is a very beautiful lady.Yes...
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