I Am Only Attracted To Fat People

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    Any fat girl wanna chat?

    Bored asf and no feeling good
    MisterMalik MisterMalik
    18-21, M
    1 Response Nov 4, 2015

    Beautiful Blubber

    I knew I was fascinated by obesity and weight gain from the time I was in kindergarden. I didn't know I was gay until I was 20. I think when you've got a powerful kink like this, it takes a little longer to sort yourself out.
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    1 Response May 7, 2011
    teddybear978 teddybear978
    31-35, M
    Nov 10, 2015

    Fat girls are the only girls

    that can physically excite me. Turn me on the right way that I ache to be deep inside of them. It really sucks when I get along with a woman really awesome but she's unfortunately a bag of antlers. And I just know that there is no way it would work because maybe not right away...
    fatgirladdict fatgirladdict
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Oct 2, 2015
    MisterMalik MisterMalik
    18-21, M
    Oct 28, 2015

    Bigger Is Better

    ever since i can remember i've been attracted to fat people.  the first thing i look at is the belly. if it's large, flabby and jiggleing i'm hooked. i know this sounds shallow but you have to start somewhere.  the more obease they are the better.  i'm particularly...
    flabman flabman
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Oct 11, 2010

    I can never be attracted to thin people.

    This is not some decision I made, or anything like that. It's just how my feelings work. I actually dislike thinness, and I'm not really sure where that started. All I know is that unlike my love of fatness, I didn't have it as a baby. 1. I love fatness for several reasons...
    Hymnguy Hymnguy
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Sep 12, 2015

    I have never, as far

    as I can tell, had a moment in my life when softness didn't make a huge difference in my decisions. As a baby, I would crawl into my mother's closet to feel her silky nightgown, while it was still on its hanger. As a child, I felt ashamed, when a generous-sized woman told me...
    Hymnguy Hymnguy
    36-40, M
    Sep 8, 2015

    I still remember that day,

    someone asks me whether it is weird to love a fat girl. To be honest, I am quite shocked at this question. Why would u think that? Fat people is as same as people in other different sizes. They love life, sports and smile. So I am really happy there are some guys who are brave...
    hongdi hongdi
    26-30, F
    Nov 4, 2015

    Fat guy here in Los Angeles,

    hit me up, let's hang out
    FatguyinLOSAngeles FatguyinLOSAngeles
    31-35, M
    May 15, 2014

    Tried Dating Skinny Girls

    They do nothing for me. To me, skinny is more than just not attractive, it is ugly. While there is certainly much more to being in a relationship than just physical attraction, it is hard to maintain a relationship when just giving your girlfriend a hug (much less making love to...
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    2 Responses Mar 20, 2012
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    1 Response Nov 10, 2015

    My Worst Nightmare. Fatness is the only thing

    that encourages feelings of real attraction in me. I can appreciate other traits, admire them... even love them, but at the end of the day, if the girl's thin, we're still just friends, at best. Because I have this restriction on my emotions, which I can do *nothing* to remove...
    Hymnguy Hymnguy
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jan 16, 2016

    You are who you hang out with

    and I want to be fat. Plus fat chicks are super sexy and fat dude are cooler to hang with
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    1 Response Aug 26, 2015

    Fat People Are Very Attravtive To Me

    I have a long attraction to fat people. Since childhood I was fascinated by wide, round bodys. I like it very much to see fat people walk (or waddle) and how the fat fills out their clothes. When a fat person is sitting down and the belly seems to grow only from sitting down- wow...
    fatfett fatfett
    41-45, F
    9 Responses Nov 5, 2010

    Fat fingers and fat arms are

    such a turn on to me
    MisterMalik MisterMalik
    18-21, M
    Nov 9, 2015
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