I Am Planning to Start An Orphanage

This group is for people who are interested in starting an orphanage, who have experience on that, who can provide advice, suggestions...basically for people who have a heart for the homeless.. 112 People

    Another Needed

    My foster parents got divorced and they sent me back to a orphanage. After all I did for them! O well its not as if its a change I've had loads of ppl who "tried" but some of them were bad and some of them didn't like my condition
    prettycattz prettycattz
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    Hey Everybody my name is Mendy I am a mother of

    four and married. About a year ago god gave me a vision about opening a orphanage for children that is in need and does not have a home . I always had a passion for children I worked at a preschool for about 8 years and I would always get involved with the children ministry in...
    emyrlinedesir emyrlinedesir
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    Nov 9, 2015

    I'm wanting to start an orphanage within the

    United States. Does anyone know what steps I need to take to get started? Preferably the first step?
    lovie4God26 lovie4God26
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    My Dream

    First of all, I think that everybody who is willing to help others who are in need are brave and courageous. I, myself want to open my heart to others and explore the different side of the world with those people in need. My name is Hilina Ayalew and I am college student but I...
    hiliberhan hiliberhan
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    A Gift From God...

    God has blessed me with a gift of foundation setting.  I have a strong passion for infants to age 23 months, but I also believe that our children to ages four need to get back to the basics and receive the proper foundation and nurishment that a child needs.  I've known...
    AbundanceofFaith AbundanceofFaith
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    Bringing Back America's Forgotten Legacy-I

    lived in a children's home in Texas from 9 1/2 till I graduated from high school and left for university. The sense of permanence, structure,and stability it gave made all the difference in my life. Very few people know that up until the 1970s Orphanages were found in every...
    Selah94 Selah94
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    A Dream From God

    At the age of 7 I lost my dad and a year later i lost my mom.I have this dream to start a orphonage but how?please help me with any info that you may have.Thanks
    ytobar7 ytobar7
    2 Responses Apr 5, 2012

    Thinking About An Orphanage

    Two weeks ago, God dropped a desire in my heart to start an orphanage..eversince I have been thinking about it. I would like to have it in India first and once I know how to manage it, planning to start one in Africa.. I will be financing it along with my cousin. Maybe I'll get...
    GodsBeloved GodsBeloved
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    Am Planning To Start An Ophanage

    Hi am from Africa i have done research in my community and what come to me last is to see that the needy and less Children in my community find a place of shelter, in Nyanza. i am looking for people with has the same dream of opening their heart to orphans and give worm help to...
    LameckOGE LameckOGE
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    Orphanage In The Dominican Republic

    I went to the Dominican Republic when I was 12 years old and ever since I have had a burning desire to start an orphanage there. My husband and I would like to start research now so that when we finally can we will be as ready as possible. I'm looking for an info on how to start...
    Theywillbekingsandqueens Theywillbekingsandqueens
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    I Want To Open An Orphanage But How?

    hello friends,i really want to open an orphan age and thinking this from many years but now i realise that this is the right time to do it....no more thinking now..want to start working on the idea but don't know how? i can mange the place for orphanage. Please anyone guide me...
    tanvi1979 tanvi1979
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    "a Heart For The Helpless"

    baybay90210 baybay90210
    3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

    Kenyan Girl Child

    i have always had a desire to help the destitute Kenyan girl child and i believe an orphanage is the way to go.i just dont know how to go about it
    atieno82 atieno82
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    I am currently working with a young man in his

    30's who wanted to start and orphanage. In the last year, since he started. we have both learned a lot about what to do and what NOT to do.Feel free to send me a message if you want more details.
    Fathersbride Fathersbride
    3 Responses Sep 19, 2015

    I Really Need To Start An Orphanage In Haiti

    I've been having this burden to help the less foutunate in haiti,I strongly believe that God wil help me find some to instruct me how to start and aquier funding. please call me Past. Caleb @ (954)4789480.
    Caleb7 Caleb7
    3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

    I Need Help To Open An Orphanage

    I lost my father since I was 16, I know what it is like to lost a loved one.I want to open an orphanage , so that i can be there for anyone that will need to have somebody to care for them! I am from Africa as well .My desire is to open one in my country.I need people that will...
    caroalao caroalao
    3 Responses Aug 27, 2011

    Want To Start An Orphanage

    I really want to start an orphanage but am not sure where to begin or where. My intention to start is there but I would love to know of other people's experiences in doing this.
    NH77 NH77
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    I feel that God has called me to start an orphange in Cambodia.  I want to help kids who would without my help be bought into the Sex Trafficing Trade.  I am still in high school so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what kind of degree/major I should be preparing...
    Chesnez Chesnez
    1 Response Feb 19, 2011

    A Joyful Mother Of Children

    ^CHILDREN are a reward, as indicated in God's word and God desired multiplying as well. Tomorrow, I celebrate my 15th anniversary and some prayers have not been answered for we have no children. THE pain and emptiness weighs me, after losing five in the first seven years and the...
    tlinzie tlinzie
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    Hello Since childhood,

    I have always dreamt of building a classic orphanage for orphans in my country Ghana, specifically the northern part of the country. I realized that children there are less privileged than in other regions. I don't have a land nor the resources to start but I believe in God's...
    AmaTutuwa AmaTutuwa
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    Want to Step Out

        God created a eager desire in me of starting an orphanage. I found how necessary it is when I observed how vulnerable kids live. Everybody needs to enjoy life. You sleep safely in your comfortable house, get up in the morning, take a shower, have a delicious...
    dreamedit12 dreamedit12
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    I want to start an orphanage in the US.

    Probably in East Tennessee. That's where I live and there isn't a single orphanage even remotely close. I am studying psychology and sociology in college to help me get a start. But does anyone have any advice for how to actually get the funds to start?
    lillybear13 lillybear13
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    Just to add a bit more information here; the

    country we are working in is Uganda. They have recently closed several Orphanages due to improper care, child prostitution and abuse! The government is now "anti-orphanage" and refusing to license them at this time. The NEW concept for these needy children is to try to get them...
    Fathersbride Fathersbride
    1 Response Sep 27, 2015

    Blessed Orphanage Centre

    Since my childhood, have always been touched by the way orphans suffer from parental neglect, lack of shelter, lack of education and there poor health status. I there have a plan to start up an orphanage here in my home country to help out those affected. I there fore call up all...
    tumiek tumiek
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    Stepping Out

    My wife and I have been running a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies for 6 years now. We have been involved with about 100 children, of which about half have been adopted or fostered. We currently have 10 children in our direct care, and a further 20 which we...
    orphan123 orphan123
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    Looking For A Group Of People

    I have done the research on what it takes to start an orphanage in Haiti (outside of Port Au Prince). I am looking for people with the same dream of extending a hand and open hearts. The hardest part will be getting it up on its feet. It looks like a lot of work but with the...
    Palmis Palmis
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    7 Responses Mar 13, 2013

    Needing Help

    I am seeking information on just what it entails the starting of an orphanage. It has been placed upon my heart this idea of starting an orphange for kids who have lost parents to terminal illnesses. It appears to be a large need here in the USA to have a home where kids can...
    zztigger zztigger
    3 Responses Apr 4, 2010

    I am either building

    or taking over an Orphanage in Pakistan. I have land donated and have a good fundraising team. Can you please help me with any info id need? things id need to do? etc? I am freshly starting up so way out of my dept! Please help :)
    RubyWally RubyWally
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    3 Responses Jan 22, 2014

    Hi everyone, My dream is to set up an

    orphanage, including building it too. I really don't know where to start though and how much you need to start off with etc. I was thinking to build one in Mumbai (India) to start off with but I am aware of the black businesses going on there in relation to street children...
    anekas anekas
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    Special Needs:)

    I was blessed almost 6 years ago to be there when an angel entered this earth. Addison was beautiful had black hair and an extra chromosome. Being her main caregiver for 6 years has taught me its my life's meaning to care for those and teach those who people don't always give a...
    Jrbenet021 Jrbenet021
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    I Am Planning To Start An Orphanage

    I am in the process of starting an orphanage in Kenya – Africa. I have done all the logisitics, registration, and the legal bits. Designs of the buildings are now complete. I am looking out for any people willing to partner with me, or even link me up with other people...
    avenue99 avenue99
    4 Responses May 16, 2010

    for everyone who is planning on starting an

    orphanage you are awesome ! i wish you all nothing but the best & luck
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