I Am Possessed By A Demon, Spirit Or Soul

I have another precence in me, another life than my own. Share why you think so 15 People

    I tried to summon a Demons

    and devil to come because I mainly want to get possessed by Demon really bad so How do you get possessed by the demon? Will you please ask demon to possessed me please?
    7DeadlySin 7DeadlySin
    18-21, M
    8 Responses Apr 10, 2014

    Twinflames And Spirit Guides

    Twinflames can act as spirit guides and Guardian Angels on the other side, and they will protect the soul, and guide the soul, for the greater good... Twinflames are said to work together to be spiritual advisers for people. They make people remember their spiritual origins. They...
    indigowitch indigowitch
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

    The Vessel

    I am going to be honest with people, I have something in me which is not human. Whatever one might call it, he is my deamon, not anything else, he is a life hater. I am unsure on how to talk of him, because usually he would talk himself, but I guess it started that day when I...
    Barlong Barlong
    26-30, F
    10 Responses Dec 9, 2011
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