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    West Prussian Persecution

    Hello. My Grandfather on my Fathers side was from Rawitsch in East Prussia, he married my Grandmother who was from Grandenz in West Prussia. Both thier sets of parents where also from West Prussia. After the treaty of Versallies, West Prussia was given to Poland, whereupon...
    Nambo Nambo
    2 Responses Feb 13, 2011

    Wished I Knew More About Prussia

    As much as I know, my great-great grandmother was Prussian (according to some census records), but then she could have been German. I think it would be neat to learn about this ethnic group.
    princessbuttercup18 princessbuttercup18
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    I've Got Prussian Blood In Me

    My last name is Strunk. Our family used to own a lot of the land there. My family crest is a stump symbolizing our work we did on our land which was basically logging and farming.
    elboone elboone
    22-25, M
    Nov 8, 2013

    Native Prussian

    We are the surviving people of the original indigenous Prussian tribes (the “Prūsiskai”). My mother and grandparents speak German only because their original “Baltic Old Prussian” (Prūsiskan) language is mostly gone. Mom and the grandparents hated the Germans, hated...
    bjornfjorarluff bjornfjorarluff
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    I Am Prussian.

    Guten Tag (Good day), My bloodline has travelled very far, but I consider myself either prussian or french, because both applies. The ancestors of my father were around germany, prussia, czech republic and russia, but settled in 'Schlesien', Silesia. The bloodline from my...
    copperfur copperfur
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    Researching The Neitzke Surname And Need Help!

    Hello,My Grandmother , Hertha Elisabeth Hedwig Neitzke grew up in Sopot , a suburb of Danzig ( now Gdansk , Poland). I have hit an utter brick wall with this last name as far as origin, whether it is Kashubian, pure German or Polish in ultimate origin. The spelling is odd for...
    giapartain giapartain
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    My Family Is Prussian-thuringian

    A long time ago one half of my family came from the area between Danzig and Königsberg, while the other half was from Westprussia and Thuringia-Saxony. The Eastprussian half had to move out at the end of WW2 while the other half moved in the 1860s to the US.
    Aniihya Aniihya
    Mar 26, 2009


    Half my family is from Polish-Prussia (Bromberg)
    HeOverThere HeOverThere
    1 Response Nov 30, 2008

    Partially, anyway. I'm quite proud of my

    ancestry. My grandmother grew up in a Prussian village while my grandfather and father are from Germany. That makes me quite a 'bitser' I suppose! I'm half German, a bit of Prussian, born in Australia, with some British thrown in. :)
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    Dec 23, 2013

    Von Hartmann

    My Prussian ancestor, Wilhelm von Hartmann I, came to the U.S. after his father withered away all of the families fortune, leaving us noble in title only. The name wa changed to simply Hartman when the family arrived in the states. The family has grown significantly since...
    KaiserWvH2 KaiserWvH2
    Jan 19, 2009

    Well Part Of Me Is...

    I did some tracking of the family tree and one of my great greats was born in Christburg Prussia. Now I have no idea of what that makes me or even if he was Prussian or simply born in an area that was called Prussia. The only memories any of his grandchildren have of him is a...
    Agategirl Agategirl
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    Re: Neitzke Name

    Just seen your post, I am helping my son  with a family tree project. I thought you'd be interested to know my maternal grandmother's name is Martha Louise Neitzke, born in Rummelsburg, Germany born in 1883. It's about 200 miles northeast of Berlin. Her parents were Pauline...
    mpet38 mpet38
    Sep 25, 2011

    They Are All Gone,....

    My father's side of my bloodline were Prussian. His family was less than available all my life-rough necks and actually -criminals so I never got the chance to meet many let alone know any. I met my father's father once in 1968 for about 15 minutes. My father told me as we drove...
    bepuzzled bepuzzled
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    Jun 22, 2012
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