I Am Raising Godless Children

Our children are born atheists - and born right the first time! 80 People

    Surprise DayThis is what December,

    25th is going to be for us. Surprise Day, when people get all ostentatiously stealthy, close doors and awkwardly wrap up little presents for the people in their lives.When we're trying out new recipes and discover new authors, new musicians, all those happy things life can offer...
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    I'm A Bad Mama.....

    Nah. I don't really believe that, but lots of people do. My kids are great. I love them. They are each unique and special and are not at all alike. And, they are all atheists....BY CHOICE. My kids did not even KNOW that I do not believe in god until they were in the 8-10...
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    For humans to be happy

    and generous, they must feel trusted. No-one is happy if they feel their good intentions are constantly denied, questioned. Of course good intentions are not enough to make good actions, but they certainly help. I have heard many religious people saying they were 'fighting sin...
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    My Children

    I grew up with my father, and he was always very open and willing to talk about anything.  I asked a lot of questions, and we spent many Saturdays in the library, reading books, referencing things from the bible and other religions. It was never a problem if I...
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    Raising One

     My parents are both atheists so I suppose I was born and raised as an atheist. They always encouraged me to pursue on my own any interests I had including religion but when queried on the subject they presented me with their own atheist views. Not as facts or rules set in...
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    I am raising my children to question everything.

    If religion is a path they choose to follow then it will be their decision when they're old enough to make it. I don't like religious views forced on children from childhood. I think is cruel to raise your children to fear death and judgement.
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    Breaking the Cycle

    I, like the majority of us, was raised- or should i say brainwashed- to believe in god, specifically catholicism. I knew at a very young age that it did not feel right for me and began an outright refusal to go to church- eventually I won. I dove into many religions and spiritual...
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    Religious kids are harsher

    and less generous than atheist ones, study says Melissa Binder | The Oregonian on November 05, 2015 When it comes to teaching kids the Golden Rule, Sunday school might not be the best bet. A new study in the journal Current Biology found children in religious households are...
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    Godless Daughter

    Last night at dinner my daughter said we all have dark sides - hers?  she enjoys seeing people suffer, not so much in a physical way, but in an emotional way, like when their boy friends break up or they don't get something they want.
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    The Celtic Commandments.

    Give thou thine heart to the wild magic,To the Lord and the Lady of Nature,Beyond any consideration of this world.Do not covet large or small,Do not despise weakling or poor,Semblance of evil allow not near thee,Never give nor earn thou shame.The Ancient Harmonies are given thee...
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    Godless But Educated About The World

    They are atheist. They don't worship ar a church, synagogue or anything else. We are lucky- living in Iceland where 60% of people living here consider religion to be unimportant in their daily lives, and where there seems to be a lot of general acceptance. My children have been...
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    I don't have to raise a godless child. The way this is worded was probably meant to be provocative towards bigots but I don't define myself using the inappropriate concepts of others. Children educated in a non-religious way are not losing anything, they are given more chances to...
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    I feel this calls for an explanation: not

    so much for the folks who are going to see that I am in this group and make all sorts of assumptions and judgments about me And if they do, and let's say subsequently choose to drop me, then it's a good thing, I will be glad and relieved, for: I want to BE I NEED TO BE I...
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    Recommended Reads For the Godless Youth

    These are all books I have at home and have read to my children many times.  My boys LOVE Jennifer Morgan and Dana Andersen's series and Life on Earth.  Those three are their favorite books.  I won't recommend anything I haven't personally read. "...
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    Probably Can't Protect Them Forever

     My youngest son is four years old. He has never been to church, never heard a single word about God or Jesus. Being an atheist myself the subject has never come up.  I do wonder though how to handle this as he ages and starts asking questions. No one very close to me...
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