I Am Re-inventing Myself

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    Ep Is Helping Me Re-invent Myself!

    My Epeeps are REALLY helping me to re-invent myself! It all started with "Taco Tuesday" and it 'ended' with "Fish and Grits Friday!" First, let me "say" that my blogs...well I call them "Imagination Station!" It helps MY healing process to...
    LetMeGo2 LetMeGo2
    41-45, F
    1 Response Dec 13, 2009

    Who's That Girl?

    Well here I am almost 50 years old and still dealing with the demons of my past.  Or I was, I have been trying so hard to Re-invent myself.  The biggest thing that I have done to reach that goal is to stop all the negetive messages I was always giving myself...
    looneylulu looneylulu
    46-50, F
    Jul 19, 2009

    Out of the Cave

    Hi, I'm a 56 y.o. divorced guy who has been stuck in a cave for far too long.  Not really of my choosing but PTSD took a chunck out of my life.  Now I want it back and more.  I'm loving, caring, passionate interested in anything you want to chat about or in...
    mysihba mysihba
    61-65, M
    3 Responses Jun 21, 2009

    Inventing Myself For The First Time?

    I don't know if I'm re-inventing myself or inventing myself for the first time ever. I've only just now reached a point in my life, at 25, where I'm no longer being defined by someone else. I have been living on my own since I was 17, but even when I moved out, I was still...
    ShadowMonster ShadowMonster
    22-25, F
    May 11, 2012

    Re-inventing Myself

    Re-inventing myself,I am indeed,Givin' it a go,Nothin' to lose,Everything to gain,Why not?
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    1 Response Mar 16, 2012

    Quizzes Reveal....

    As I was getting to know a new friend today, as I read his story book, I became interested in taking various kinds of quizzes.... Maybe they'll help on this road to reinventing myself.... I've ALWAYS said that people are going to like me or they are not; I'm fine either way...
    LetMeGo2 LetMeGo2
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jan 2, 2010

    Re-inventing Myself By Changing My Style

    I think...changing your outlook is the first step towards reinventing one's self. In past, i wear more of boring clothes and trust me, people around me started considering me as "A BORE"..then i decided to change my style..i completely changed my wardrobe ...all the boring...
    leenaseth leenaseth
    26-30, F
    Oct 30, 2012

    Do Quizzes Really Tell Who You Are?

    SERIOUSLY, do quizzes really tell who you are? I've been taking various types of quizzes and I guess with my church experience this past Sunday, I felt the need to.........What is your purpose in life, your calling? Your talent is God's gift to you. Be blessed with your talents...
    LetMeGo2 LetMeGo2
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Jan 6, 2010

    All the Time!

    I am constantly getting into new things and new experiences. Every year, there's something new I'm breaking down in my life and rebuilding. Part of it is my own insatiable curiosity and the other part of it is my own boredom! XD I am constantly changing in life and making things...
    deleted deleted
    Jun 22, 2009

    Yes , I Am Working On An An...

    Yes , I am working on an android version of myself. A better , stronger , faster person. Like the Six Million Dollar Man. I'll let ya know when it's finished.
    leonardmaltomeal leonardmaltomeal
    51-55, M
    Sep 29, 2009

    Nobody Has Said That This Process Would Be Easy... Because It Is Not.

     For centuries the Eagles have been considered as symbols of power, freedom, wisdom, value and excellence. We tell them Eagles "high spirits". Why? What strengths they have these birds? What we can learn from Eagles?.First Eagles do not fly low, but always looking for great...
    MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
    46-50, F
    6 Responses Jan 25, 2010


    Day by day by day, I am in a state of transition.  Today I am not who I was yesterday, tomorrow I will be different still.  People who knew the helpless, broken teenager I was will be hard-pressed to see her in the woman I have become.  I have reclaimed myself in...
    Geode Geode
    31-35, F
    Sep 29, 2009
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