I Am Ready to Forgive

It will take time, but I will succeed. We all will. : ) 16 People

    I Forgive

    I forgive both of my cousins for molesting me because when they did it they were both young and they diddnt quite understand what they were doing, im prettysure that they have both been molested themselves and did it to me not knowing better. i still love them as cousins and i...
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    Aug 14, 2009

    After all they're my parents they'd given me

    life and almost everything else. Hell even if they are worse than they are I'll still be able to forgive and forget because they could have chosen to kill me before I was born and also in infancy or while I'm a kid. To grow up we rely on the people around us we're completely...
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    ~ April 17th, 2009 ~

    There is a lot to forgive. A lot that was done within myself & my life that has done untold damage. I am starting to see that holding on to the pain & the anger are only bogging me down. I can not move on until I can let it go. I can't let it go until I at the very least...
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