I Am Really Full of Crap

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    No, Really.

    I AM full of crap. And although I take most of my dreams and ideals very seriously, I don't think it can hurt to laugh at myself from time to time. I'm a vegetarian. I gave up tuna-and-cheese-bagels and döner kebab because I'm so soft-hearted. I have firetruck red hair. I dress...
    JojaRodenaLente JojaRodenaLente
    18-21, F
    Feb 19, 2011

    If This Has Any Meaning At All

    I don't know what it like to be bipolar and such but the closes that I could think off would be that I do change my mood often through out the day . The mood that possesses me at the time I write can often be misleading as what and who I am . When I do take the time to read some...
    g9 g9
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jul 20, 2009

    The Mystery Deepens...

    But am I lying about being full of crap? Hmm...what I do know is that the only person I'm really good at bs'ing is myself. Working on that. But in the meantime, if I can't laugh at myself, then wtf?   When you bet that no one would join this group...then I had to!
    naughtykitty7734 naughtykitty7734
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Apr 23, 2009

    Yea, and That's Not the Half of It...

    But what's ya goings to do when yaz gots to do the doo? And then when you are giving a load of crap about your load of crap? Poop, I say, Poop.
    deleted deleted
    May 13, 2009

    Just to Make

    Kitten laugh a bit, I joined the group and have spewed many a time on things almost to the point of being a lunatic.   So the saying is:   If you can't dazzle em with brilliance       Baffle them with bullsh*t.     HA
    mtvlm mtvlm
    41-45, M
    May 21, 2009

    I Am

    I'm so full of crap, I often stop up the toilet.
    RopinTexan RopinTexan
    22-25, M
    4 Responses Jul 21, 2009

    No Habla Engerlish Or En Espaniel Please. Lol

    I am. I know people often wonder about why in the world I will randomly laugh to myself. It's bec I just thought of something so stupid it should've never been in my mind. I read stupid jokes and laugh all day long bec I jst remembered the punch line AGAIN. LOL. I find it very...
    friedchickenmama friedchickenmama
    Oct 18, 2013

    This Group Is Funny

    I'm full of crap. Oh no.
    mother1983 mother1983
    31-35, F
    Dec 26, 2010
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