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    A funny story. When I was in the third

    and fourth grade, I would walk from my public school to our church once a week for "religious instruction." We would sit by grade, each grade huddles together in our designated few pews of the church. One of those years, my group sat underneath the balcony (where the organ and...
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    I hope it is not against EP rules to post a

    story in two different groups. The other group ("I Love Catholic Apologetics") has almost no one in it, and I thought people here might be interested in this. Years ago, my wife and I were invited to a Bible Study which obviously had an agenda: the rest of the group were a team...
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    it's been forever since I last stepped into the church. Invitations was always given for me to go to church, attend mass, etc. My last confession was also almost a decade ago. since college, church activities and such was slowly fading away from my life. My last confession was...
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    I Am Roman Catholic

    I am Roman Catholic and proud of it.Well Irish-Catholic anyway,lol!I have been baptized and confirmed in the rules of The Church.At times I dont always agree with the Chrurch but I am proud to remain Catholic.I should get to Mass more but right now I dont have a reliable car.Most...
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    As we approach the close of the Church's

    Christmas Season, I would like to share the lyrics of a familiar carol. Nowadays, the three verses are usually sung with one repeated refrain, but in fact it was written with three refrains, which connect the nativity to the cross. What child is this who laid to rest On Mary's...
    eddiecarbone eddiecarbone
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    Jan 5, 2016

    I have been troubled of late by the irrational

    blight upon Christianity that is Protestantism. They call themselves Christians, most of them profess the Triune God, and a few of them even believe in some manner of (non-transubstantiative) miracle's occurring during the "Lord's Supper" portion of their "Worship Services...
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    I was born Catholic and I've gone to the same

    church since. I've seen a few priests come and go, but for the most part the same great priests are still here. I've struggled with my beliefs a few times. Because of that, I have an issue with saying like "You can't be pro-abortion (or pro-gay, etc) and Catholic." I understand...
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    What is needed to tell in this?

    Paradoxally I don't know....I am simply a believing man, which was risen in the catholic family. I have never thought about breaking up with this tradition. This is like an injection, which was apllied you by a doctor and you are not in able to remove it. I admire the Pope for...
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    Feb 20, 2014

    Talking to someone who doesn't know one thing

    about Catholicism besides whatever he's heard from the media and is as curious as a 2 year old asking "why?" for every little thing is a real eye opener. I realize I really don't know much about my faith. There's so much that I just believe because I have faith that it's true...
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    I didn't used to be so close with God,

    but after he opened my eyes to the truth I run to him when I am scared and it has changed my life. My faith is what makes me strong and it makes me feel great to do God's will.
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    I was baptised and brought up Roman Catholic.

    My parents are also of course Catholic and as far as I know my family is Catholics all the way down! Sometimes I struggle thinking about some of the demands that our faith puts on us but I firmly believe that we have to respect the unchanging tradition and teaching of the...
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    I just want to meet other people

    who are Catholic and wouldn't mind just being friends and talking about whatever.
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    For those who wonder

    why we cross our forehead, lips and heart at the gospel?
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    I am a roman catholic teenager. I am far from perfect but i love being catholic. I try to go to church every sunday and i feel so guilty when i dont the priests at my church are really good priests (st. monica church in dallas in case your are wondering) I have been through a lot...
    antoinette97 antoinette97
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    God Within

    closer than a touch on your skin,deeper than the breath you draw in,stronger than a hurricane wind,is the dwelling God within----qv
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    May 11, 2013

    People have the wrong assumptions about my

    religion, and I just wanted to say that not all Catholics "hate" gay marriage, or "hate" people who choose abortion. We just don't agree with them. I think you can love people, even if you're not in agreement with them. One of my friends has a gay brother, and we get along just...
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    This is going to be a long post,

    but it is definitely worth the read. It will change the way we look at the Holy Eucharist during mass. The following incident happened in a remote little town called Lanciano in Italy, in the eighth century. A priest was offering mass. During the Offertory, like always he...
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    I was raised in the Church by my parents,

    but after a time even though I went through Confirmation and everything, my parents faith began to wane and after the things that happened to me, mine has also taken a battering in so many ways. I have started going to Mass again every now and then, but it feels different and...
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    Gay Catholic

    Yes I'm a catholic and very proud of my faith I was raised catholic and have been catholic all of my life but my only problem with the Catholic Church is there stand on homosexuality I don't understand what is wrong with being gay and wanting to get married I don't think being...
    Jannisemichael Jannisemichael
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    My Re-Conversion Story.

    I was a "good Catholic boy" as a kid, and I faithfully attended Mass through college. Then I fell away, and for several years I pursued a life that was not exactly exemplary while always telling myself that some day I would get back to "all that God stuff." One evening, as I...
    eddiecarbone eddiecarbone
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    Well..not sure what to say here except.

    ..well...I am Roman Catholic. Both my parents though especially my mother were (are) very devout, when I and my 2 siblings were growing up. The church was not the only thing on our social horizons but it was a very important part and I can't remember a time when faith was not...
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    Non-historical Saints.

    Modern scholarship has led many to the realization that some of the “Saints” that have been honored by Catholic tradition never actually lived. Years ago, a few were “deleted” from the list. Recently, I hit upon a theory that would explain at least some of these...
    eddiecarbone eddiecarbone
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    I Would Never Change My Religion But Understanding Other Religions Makes My Faith Stronger In My Own Religion

    when i was a small boy five years old and going to battlefield primary school sometimes religious leaders, would be invited to the school they would visit the class and my teacher when  i put my hand up to ask a question would sometimes say dont ask that boy what he wants to...
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    Lost And Found

    When i was little ( like 3 and 4) i was a catholic at heart ( even though i was't baptized) As i grew older i went into public school... and from there it was all down hill. i was stealing and lying and wasn't do the best in school. well by 6th grade life was falling apart. i...
    Dahvine Dahvine
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    Apr 27, 2012

    I Am Very Faithful, But I Believe In Evolution

    I believe that God created everything, but not exactly the way the bible says. I mean, it took 7 days in the bible, but who's to say that God's days are millions or billions of years. I mean, He's God, so He's timeless. And if you look at the order of Genesis, it goes in the...
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