I Am Sad a Lot of the Time

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    So Lost.

    I don't know where to start... I have a boyfriend who I always seem to find things wrong with. I nitpick everything. I am rarely positive when I talk to him. I don't know why we're together half the time because we're usually fighting or I'm usually sad. I have amazing friends...
    trying2move trying2move
    1 Response Dec 1, 2011

    Dead End Syndrome

    I have struggled over the past 15 years to make something of my life and still NO WAY! I feel tired, discouraged and hopeless and very sad. I have no job, no home (husband, family of my own), no life!. I have worked hard to get myself through college while I worked 9years...
    Cantdoattitude Cantdoattitude
    1 Response Feb 14, 2011


    I seem to be sad alot of the time.  Im not really sure why but I miss the days when I spent with my kids, that saddens me the most.  I get really sad because my marriage has fallen appart and I have done everything possible to make it work.  Saddness...
    tatteredwings tatteredwings
    4 Responses Jun 6, 2009

    Seriously Depressed

    I wish I could feel happiness. It is beyond rare to see me smile. I don't know why I feel this way because I have everything I have ever wanted. I'm living my dream here in Paris France. I do alright in school, have an amazing boyfriend, have an apartment, can pay my bills, I...
    fattygigi fattygigi
    2 Responses Nov 5, 2012


    Over the past few months I've felt really down inside. I've lacked motivation to complete things I want done. I'm 15 years old. I have a group of friends although I just don't feel that's enough, I don't get along with a lot of them although they do get along with me. I feel...
    NoelBrown NoelBrown
    13-15, M
    3 Responses Jan 4, 2013

    I'M Tired!

    I hate that all my friends are happy and carefree. I hate putting on my fake smile and pretending to be happy. I wish my friends could understand the pain I feel inside I am at my end. I can't remember the last time I felt happiness I'm my life. Everyday is like a nightmare I...
    xHurley xHurley
    31-35, M
    May 8, 2013

    Im Way To Sad, Way To Much

    Ever since i lost my first love of my life, nothing has been what it was. For those against it, its your own opinion. But i smoke weed almost everyday, when i can't get any i cant be happy. I always thinking about the regret of letting my love escape, how my life isnt going...
    RHCPflea RHCPflea
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Feb 9, 2013

    Broken Hearted X 2

    When I was a younger man - at my peak you might say - I fell deeply in love. It lasted only six months, unfortunately, as she had to go back to her own country and although we tried to keep it going she broke it off after a few months. It was too intense and she was too young and...
    zenon zenon
    Mar 3, 2009

    Sadness Since The Loss Of A Loved One

    Ever since my grandma died I find myself almost in tears at school,etc. I didnt realize her impact in my life until she died. God I miss her so much I can still hear her not like crazy she talks too me like things she used to say and Im a diabetic after she died i stopped...
    dejalynn13 dejalynn13
    13-15, F
    Oct 20, 2010

    I Dnt Feel Beautiful

    i dont know why i feel depressed most of the time, i dnt feel beautiful. i feel like an ugly duck all the time... i am a sad soul
    sani29 sani29
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Feb 8, 2011

    Life Is Fleeting and Oh So Precious

    Today I am sad. I'm sad because at 45 I'm already a widdower. I'm sad because my eight year old boy will never get to have his mother hold him again. I'm sad because my 18 year old is graduating in a few days and her mother will not be there. I'm sad because my sixteen year old...
    TearfullDad TearfullDad
    41-45, M
    3 Responses May 3, 2009

    this is so stupid if u want me

    or not I'm sorry no one said it was illegal to have to packs I'm so sick of it grrrrrr...... I'm mad am im wolfing out great thas great !!!
    Wolfbloodgirl0123 Wolfbloodgirl0123
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jul 6, 2015

    I guess I am very bad,

    I Is it the reason people don't like me. Neither do they talk. I am sad and very down
    deleted deleted
    Sep 15, 2015
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