I Am Scared About Being In Love

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    I know I'm young... and yes,

    I have my whole life ahead of me...But once you've tried to love someone, and they act as if they love you, only to crush you and put you down...it makes it hard to love again. And yet, I met this person...someone who I connected with instantly...Someone who I felt as if I've...
    ParumDaemonium ParumDaemonium
    16-17, F
    Feb 13, 2016

    I Want To Feel...

    I've always being scared of falling in love. I don't date much because I know because I know I might get hurt and so, whenever I'm in a relationship I shut down my emotions. This makes it much easier to walk away. But I don't want to. I want to put my heart out there but I don't...
    dinma dinma
    31-35, F
    Nov 4, 2013

    What Should I Do?

    If you have looked at any of my stories you can to a point understand why I Am Scared About Being In Love. But there are some parts that you are missing. Yes, there is what my dad,his friends and grandpa T did to me. But that's not the complete reason.Now I can let you guys met...
    HopingForABetterTomorrow HopingForABetterTomorrow
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 25, 2012

    Scared is such a drama word.

    More like... Hesitant. Not afraid to lose...but at the same time... I hate wasting time. I know who I want. And it sure sounds like he wants me too. But... I have this feeling I'm much more attached than he is. And I understand why. You know how... Sometimes you fall hard for...
    prettyprude prettyprude
    36-40, F
    May 3, 2014

    Love Isn't Scary, It's The Part Of Opening Yourself To Another That's Scary.....

    Love isn't scary, it's the part of opening yourself to another that's scary. Being vulnerable, intimate and exposing yourself to be hurt is what scares me.  I know the longer I wait and the more I close myself off...the harder it gets....
    HelenBak HelenBak
    46-50, F
    1 Response Dec 1, 2012

    I'm scared of falling in love with the wrong

    person. I'm scared of being hurt, humiliated, and rejected. I still have hope that one day I will find that person, but I'm scared about those things.
    sagespoo sagespoo
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 26, 2016

    I Almost Don'T Believe In Love..

    When I was little my dad left me and my mom, that was the worst day of my life. I'm not saying my mom doesn't love me, or that people don't have it worse off than me, because they do. What I'm saying is to me losing my dad was the worst thing that could ever have happened to 5...
    Victoriapower19 Victoriapower19
    22-25, F
    Jun 8, 2013

    When you tell me how much this man makes you

    feel.. I can see it coming from the sound of your voice and your worry teary eyes. The small things make you smile... I can see your mood change when your smile shines. You're honest with me... You are like the best friend I never had. I just wish I can share the same with you...
    yasminesaleh00 yasminesaleh00
    18-21, F
    Jan 25, 2016

    I Am Surrounded By Idiots

    I don't really know what's in the air but most of the people I know who are or have been in love are so stupid or at least they seem that way. I am afraid that if I ever fall in love I will just be so stupidly in love. I want to be in love because i find it cute but I just don't...
    Blavoe Blavoe
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 27, 2013

    I Push People Away

    After my divorce, I have had a string of guys I have pushed away that wanted to settle down and I don't know how to stop shutting down. :( I do want a partner but fear being all in with my heart. ugh!!
    jelo18 jelo18
    36-40, F
    Jul 27, 2013

    Im Scare Of Falling In Love

    But I cant help it....when I least know it Im already in  love and then....comes the heartbreak!!!!! I dont want to fall in love again....but I dont know HOW not to fall in love...because its something that just happens....I cant control it...or can I?????....any ideas...
    jackietlvr jackietlvr
    31-35, F
    Apr 10, 2010

    Scared Of Love And Relationships

    I have no problem in communicating with a guy and talking about regular things. But when those talks grow more and more intense and it reaches till the point where someone asks me to have a love relationship, I get scared! It has happened to me twice.....There was this guy, who I...
    citygirl9841 citygirl9841
    18-21, F
    8 Responses May 18, 2012


    I"m scared to fall for a guy and for him to love me back, only for him to find out something is wrong with me and then he wouldn't love me anymore. I guess that could also be "I'm scared of being hurt."
    Tryin2BHopeful Tryin2BHopeful
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 26, 2013

    I have never actually felt love

    for another before. That is unless you count for family members then of course I've felt love there. To be able to love, cherish, hold, and have someone be the center of my attention is a scary thought. I've seen where love can be beautiful but also where it can be terrifying. I...
    Flowerchild666 Flowerchild666
    18-21, F
    Feb 17, 2016

    Love Is The Other Obscene Four Letter Word

    Love has made me cry and hurt, so I just dismiss it as this amazing thing that makes you feel like you are high all the time. Those times are dead and buried. I used to be in love with love, but it has become a thing to fear. As much of a romantic I am, I can't still stop looking...
    cleargerman cleargerman
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 10, 2012

    Scared Of Love And Relationships

    I have no problem in communicating with a guy and talking about regular things. But when those talks grow more and more intense and it reaches till the point where someone asks me to have a love relationship, I get scared! It has happened to me twice.....There was this guy, who I...
    citygirl9841 citygirl9841
    18-21, F
    3 Responses May 18, 2012

    Maybe it's because of the lack of romantic

    experiences in my life so far. The word "drama" comes to mind. I walk on the street and hear people yammering about their ex to friends. I see people argue. My friends who had been dating since high school, who had a wedding ceremony last year, are breaking up. I see there...
    bender898989 bender898989
    26-30, M
    Jan 27, 2016

    All Good Things.........

    Must come to an end as the saying goes. I guess that's why being in love loving someone and having their love scares me. I'm always waiting for it to end so I never get fully invested so that way it's easier when it does happen. Almost like a business arrangement. I mean if we...
    EnchantingMinx EnchantingMinx
    22-25, F
    Nov 18, 2013

    What'S Lobe Got To Do With It?

    I want someone I'm comfortable and confident with, someone I trust with everything in my life and who is loyal. These are also what I hope for in return so I must ask what that L word has to do with it. If it happens great if not so be it
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 5, 2013

    Being Single And Realizing You Lost Someone You Could Have Had

    Being single sucks and it sucks even more when you come to realize too late that you let someone slip through your hands that you could have had. Then you always question yourself as I have been for the past 2 years why I didn't move on him when I had the chance. Hurts even more...
    JerBearFL JerBearFL
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Dec 23, 2012
    yayepisoverimsad yayepisoverimsad
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jan 26, 2016

    Do You Think...

    Do you think there is an age, a time in one's life, when being in love, being together with someone, being involved with another is just too complicated? Because one of the two in a couple has to care for an elderly parent, because one's children don't want their parent to be...
    mscoolbear mscoolbear
    31-35, F
    2 Responses May 19, 2012

    Given Up On Love

    I've been in so many failed relationships and my most recent one has left me entirely heartbroken. I keep telling myself that I am progressively moving on and getting better day by day but I don't think I will ever truly and fully recover. Not that I will never get over him, I...
    lovelybones2339 lovelybones2339
    2 Responses Sep 27, 2012

    I Rather Be Alone and Single Than Face Another Heart Break

    hey, i know it sounds wierd but i am totally affraid to love hard! its like when i love someone its unconditionally, threw the thick and the thin, i am loyal and i have came across alot of men that i gave my all to and tried and cried over and still left alone hurt. I find that...
    sopink sopink
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Apr 7, 2009

    I see you everyday. We've become close.

    You know me inside out. We are truly friends. But why are my feelings getting so strong ? I think about you. I miss you when you're not around me. And I get that little feeling in my gut when you pull my chair closer to yours In class. What are these feelings ? I want to...
    meekm meekm
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 13, 2014

    I am scared of the vulnerability.

    I'm afraid that who I am, the good & the bad, isn't good enough.
    longing4connection longing4connection
    36-40, F
    1 Response Feb 16, 2016

    Things Always End

    Being in a relationship is hard.  I haven't been in an actual relationship since my freshman year of high school.  I'm a freshman in college now.  I hate not being able to trust people but at the same time to me it makes sense.  Why trust someone when you've...
    thatonegirl18 thatonegirl18
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 28, 2009

    I Always Shiver

    I always shiver, My heart just quivers, when I am told 'I love u', when I am touched and fondled. I do not know if it is guilt, I do not know if it is fright,   but............................ I always smile to proposals, I always smile to fondles,   BUT...
    de4m de4m
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Sep 6, 2008

    I Don't Want to Get Hurt Again....

    I don't want to Love anymore, because the hurt of love, can hurt more than anything else in the world, and I just am not strong enough to handle that kind of pain. I am not strong enough. I don't know how to handle being hurt by love. It hurts me so bad, and I just can't...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 23, 2009

    I've posted a lot about my previous experiences

    before..but this experience sticks out for me right now because on Friday I'm going on a date with this guy that I'm really starting to like..and its such a big deal to me because I've spent so long being afraid of men and afraid of love... (If you wanna know why, just read my...
    cupcakes1995 cupcakes1995
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 26, 2016
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