I Am Scared of My Own Father

For anyone who is scared of their father you are not alone. 189 People

    Me Too =)

    Hi! This is my first post here.. I am spanish girl so sorry for my mistakes speaking english.. =) . I'm also scared of my father, he used to hit me when i was from 5 to 17 more or less. Actually I'm 19 and i'm still scared of him. He has always been very stricted with me with...
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    When I was younger, my father was a drug addict and alcoholic, which makes this story worse. I could be paranoid, yes, but it's so sketchy. Okay. When I was about 12 or 13, my father asked me "What should happen to a father who rapes his daughter?" I asked why. He said "no reason...
    AlyssaLovee AlyssaLovee
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    My Father Would Beat Us To Submission

    I grow up with a scary father who was very strict with me and my older brother. He justified it, by saying that’s how he was raised in Russia. My American born mother never got into any of the problems we had with our father, she let him do whatever he wanted…I don’t think...
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    I honestly am really terrified of my father.

    I never really have been too close with him ever since I was little and up until now. my father doesn't hit me or abuse me, (although when I was younger he did hit me with a shoe everywhere on my body over and over again, but I guess thats considered spanking and I guess that's...
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    I Was Scared Of My Own Father.....

    The last time I posted a story I didn't know why I had all these feelings of resentment towards my Dad, but since I have been in therapy I have discovered a lot about the daughter and father relationship I had with my Dad. I have learned that when my Dad was young he lost his...
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    Feb 12, 2011

    Well Yeah...

    So whenever my little brother starts a fight with me or an argument he knows all my buttons to push to make me wanna kill him. Then when my dad gets involved it is somehow all my fault and my brother is a perfect child. I'm tired of this ****.
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    One Horrific Night In the Old Eastern Bloc- A

    little child should be nothing except peaceful and safe sleeping beside his mother. Unless this little 8 year old child is with his mother and siblings,barricaded in the master bedroom, in a feeble attempt to seek refuge,from a drunken man. A few hours earlier when his binge...
    DanteRhymes DanteRhymes
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    Aug 16, 2015

    He's Very Bipolar.

    One second he's happy and loving, the next almost punching me and yelling at the top of his lungs right in my face. Sometimes he actually does grab my wrist and twist it and leave bruises for a few weeks. Of course I say I got hurt in sports when people ask questions because if...
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    Horrible Grandmother

    Hi, I'm american/Italian/Mexican and currently live in USA. Well I have a grandmother in Italy and is brain washing her sons that are married. Unfortainatly my dad is my italianItalian grandmother's son, for some reason she hates my mom and is brainwashing my dad to fighther...
    fyrick24 fyrick24
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    Sep 14, 2013

    Scared To Death

    My dad sometimes could be very nice but most of the time he was not. He hit,kicked,and pushed me and yelled at me for no reason,when i went to bed at night i lay awake thinking," is he going to kill me in my sleep?" My dad wasnt just mean to me,he just hated ALL kids. He made me...
    kaylalightcap kaylalightcap
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    He's not abusive and no,

    he's not mean at all. He's sweet, caring and patient. But once he gets mad..oh boy..You're dead meat. Literally, dead meat.
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    My Dad Scares Me

    My father is very scarey in my eyes, and i dont think its just me that is scared of him.  I actually thought that your dad was supposed to be a bit scarey, cause that was good for protection, but i have talked to my friends and they all say that they arent scared of their...
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    My Father Is Minipulative And Controling

    My mom's baby daddy text me on Thanksgiving. I only returned his text because I felt obligated due to the holidays. He went crazy and started texing me incoherent abusive text messages. I cried at work, the next day he called my mom and told her I was in the hospitial (even...
    Dawn913 Dawn913
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    Nov 26, 2012

    It all started quite early,

    I don't remember when. He wanted to "teach" me how to do stuff, like chopping wood, splitting it into manageable chunks and the like. I thought he was going to show me first. Instead, he gave flimsy me an axe far too heavy for my small body and spaghetti-like arms. When he saw...
    FluttersJay FluttersJay
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    Feb 1, 2016

    When He Loses Control

    Whenever my dad is home I feel like I am walking on eggshells - never certain what kind of mood he's in. Most of the time he's great and is very entertaining to be around, but about once every two-three months he loses it. He gets angry and does something crazy. For example he'll...
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    Not My *real* Father, Though

    I am frightened of my adoptive father. He has only laid a hand on me once, to "demonstrate proper fighting technique" so that I would not be such "doormat" : usually he encourages his sons to beat me for him. However, he is very bitter towards me, mocks me a great much in...
    ValentinK ValentinK
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    My dad is again in a bad mood .

    He was talking to someone and shouting on the phone . I have locked myself in my room pretending im sleeping . Hoping he doesn't take his anger out on me again .
    peyton1998 peyton1998
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    He is not okay to talk to .

    He is not mentally sound
    Thedepressedgirlatthewindow Thedepressedgirlatthewindow
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    I Am Scared Of My Dad..

    Ever since I was a little girl when he accidentally had broken my leg. While walking in snow and ice one winter's night, he slipped and fell while holding me in his arms.  I had always been an obedient child expect for this one time when I had refused to obey my Dad's orders...
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    Perfection Needed

    Every since I was a little girl, my dad's had this "tough" "suck it up" way of parenting. It's fine and dandy for sports, but once I get home, everything has to be perfect. Here's a few examples: 1. I preordered a new book with my own hard earned money at age 13, and I waited...
    Hylnd Hylnd
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    I wasn't always scared of him.

    It's just his attitude that makes me afraid. My mom always talked about how he loved me when I was a baby and how he was proud of me. But when I got older, things just changed. Everyday he'd come home as his usual self. Happy, optimistic, and somewhat weird. But when I did...
    Batteen405 Batteen405
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    Jun 10, 2015


    I love my dad but I don't even feel loved most of the time. I'm scared of him. He used to hurt my mom and me when I was young. Today I thought someone stole my money I hid and accused my brother. He denied and he and my mom were accusing my dad. I found it eventually and by then...
    ximessedupx ximessedupx
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    Jul 23, 2013

    Even More Today....

    I have always been scared of my father, all my life. He is a mean bitter man. He was a drug addict, and an alcoholic. He did some really horrible things to me. He use to beat me, and do other thing to me. Over the years he has changed. Sure those times would come up...
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    Scared To The Point Of Sickness

    As many of my stories demonstrate, my dad was not the best person. And when he was angry, he really held grudges. For a long time. Sometimes when I was younger, the thought of him being home from work made me naucious (however you spell that) and I would often throw up shortly...
    ConflictedandConfused22 ConflictedandConfused22
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    I'm Scared to Death of Him

     One of the reasons I'm scared of him is because of the horrible things he has done to me. He was touched me such ways father's should never touch their child's like. He has hit me. Made me scared of anyone who raises their hands. Even scared when anyone raises their voice...
    XLunaXLovegoodX XLunaXLovegoodX
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    Why Did It Happen

    i'm not like the other i don't hate you why should i but what am i suppose to feel for my father father i don't call you that i call you by you'r name is it disrespect where were you when the bad man touched my repeatedly when my mother abused me when i was mecicly picked on in...
    winebutler winebutler
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    My dad's not bad at all.

    But somehow I'm terrified of him. He gets mad but he doesn't yell, he's not abusive but he's kind of strict I guess. Only a little. But I get paranoid sometimes. Like for example when we sit down on the dinner table, I would wait for him to finish and stand up before I do. I...
    CallMeShayYeah CallMeShayYeah
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    My Father Broke My Noise

    Yesterday my father broke my nose with a remote control. My mum and dad were argueing and my dad became very furious. He took the remote control and threw it to me instead to my mum. I don't know why he threw it to me and not to my mum .But yeah, I am scared of my father :S
    Lollipop91 Lollipop91
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    A Good Man

    My father is a good man who has always been there for out community. He is also incredibly angry. He always says that, while he loves me, he doesn't like me. I am so tired of being here in this apartment with him. I never tell anyone this, but I am terrified of my father and of...
    Miritmorrissa Miritmorrissa
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    Terrified Of Messing Up

    I am terrified of making any mistakes in my life. My father screams at me everything I make the smallest error, and a day doesn't go by that he doesn't make either me or one of my siblings cry. Nothing I do is ever good enough, he definitely favors my sister. She gets in trouble...
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    I do not have the worst father by far,

    but I am frightened of him. Whenever something doesn't go his way or something goes wrong, he starts to yell and slam things around and blame everybody but himself for the problems that occur. He is unreasonable whenever he goes on a rampage, and has made my mother cry and me as...
    ultimat ultimat
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    Butterflies In My Stomach

    Every time my dad comes home, I feel very anxious and don't even know what to do next. My father yelled at me even I make the smallest error, and a day doesn't go by that he doesn't go mad. I am living in constant fear, and my father has actually hit my head before. Once with his...
    thtfairy thtfairy
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    Normally my father sticks to emotional abuse

    but sometimes he goes a little bit over the line into physical. He doesn't beat me or my mother up or anything, it's just been spread out instances. For example, when I was around 12 he slapped me in the middle of Walmart. I don't remember what it was over or what I had done...
    alwaysrunning15 alwaysrunning15
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    Hey guys this my first story!

    So I'm scared of my Dad whenever he yells he's not a bad Dad his voice is just very scary sounding when he raises his voice and has a quick temper to match! Though he's a loving Dad and it's hard to separate my thoughts on it. (It's a daddy's little girl relationship) I think...
    JLive JLive
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    My dad was stalking my mom's house this weekend.

    He drove by for an hour at a time and obsessively called and texted. My brothers are so used to locking their doors, not for privacy but because it was the only way to keep my dad away from them. My youngest brother used to sit on the other side of his bed with an air soft gun...
    emily39 emily39
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