I Am Scared of Rubber Balloons

You're paranoid about balloons popping and scaring you to death 14 People

    I'm very scared of balloons.

    Especially the ones with helium. As a kid I ran out of the house when balloons were being popped by my mom. I can't stand the loud bang from a rubber balloon. I'm scared of fireworks. I work at the local golf course ( now closed down for the season) and we have a golf cart where...
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    Very Sensitive

    Rubber balloons tend to pop suddenly and scare the hell out of me. I'm very sensitive to sudden noise lately, so whenever I'm around rubber balloons, I just either close my ears or leave. I get very tense around them b/c I know that any time they can pop and give me lots of...
    misasja misasja
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    Yeah, I Sympathise With You There

    I too am terrified of balloons, but I haven't actually really got control over my fear yet. I hate going to parties and finding there are balloons, because that means I will be waiting outside all evening. Or restaurants like McDonalds. Or even being on the same street as...
    catherinespark catherinespark
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    Aug 27, 2011

    Oh, And A Few More Stories

    Used to love balloons as a toddler until I realised they could go 'bang'. I used to call them 'baboons' and get really excited when I saw someone blowing them up. How times have changed. Just a couple of days ago I was at a party, and spotted a bag of balloons. When nobody...
    catherinespark catherinespark
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