I Am Searching For a Special Object

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    I'm In Search of a Lot of ...

    I'm in search of a lot of objects...  could they be a little more specific
    jr362 jr362
    41-45, F
    Jun 1, 2007

    My Cellphone Headphone Adapter

      This morning freaked out because I couldn’t find it. Where is that damned adapter? Without it I had to walk to work without the aide of good music... it was a regular sounded walk...a walk with no music... NO MUSIC!!!   Where is that special object? How...
    smebro smebro
    22-25, M
    11 Responses Jan 20, 2008

    Thrift Stores

    This is why I shop at thrift stores. I like objects that are old, that have felt human touch before. This may seem weird but objects at thrift stores seem like orphans to me. like they need a home. I love things that are just a little distressed, or handmade or from a different...
    tralala205 tralala205
    18-21, F
    Oct 9, 2010

    A Magic Latern, That Will Take...

    A magic latern, that will take me out of this topsy turvy world I'm in right now. That would be wish #1. Wish #2, lot's of money. Wish #3 my husband still loved me the way he did the second year we were together forever.
    sweetd sweetd
    56-60, F
    Jan 19, 2008

    My Celtic Cross Pendant

    i lost my celtic cross pendant. i remember the last time i had it i thought "i need to put this somewhere where it will be safe from the cat", and now i have forgotten where that was :(
    journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
    26-30, F
    13 Responses Jan 19, 2008

    A Very Unspecific Question. ...

    A very unspecific question. I think everyone's searching for something. Right now I'd say I'm searching for something that'll help me set my priorities straight and lead me out my current frustrating and even depressing state of confusion regarding what I want to do in my life...
    lupin136 lupin136
    18-21, M
    Sep 4, 2007

    I'm Searching For a Dvd Th...

    I'm searching for a dvd that contains a movie I made this summer at camp.  I want to put the movie up on facebook, but I lost the dvd.  :(
    vanillavanity vanillavanity
    18-21, F
    Sep 4, 2007

    Does a Special Someone Count?&...

    Does a SPECIAL SOMEONE count?    Other than that...  nothing comes to mind that I would be looking for
    sweetriley sweetriley
    31-35, F
    Jun 1, 2007

    I'm Searching For My Soul ...

    I'm searching for my soul mate , if that can be counted as an object...
    GTMarie GTMarie
    18-21, F
    Sep 4, 2007

    More like meaning...special meanings in life and others intentions and actions.
    banana808 banana808
    Jan 19, 2008

    I'm Looking For My Shoes A...

    I'm looking for my shoes and my glasses...so I'll have them
    ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
    41-45, M
    7 Responses Jun 1, 2007

    Napco "Cookies" Cookie Jar

    My Grandmother had one as my cousins and I were growing up. I have seen a few on eBay, but I would actually like to find new replicas to buy, as opposed to weeding through what's real or fake. It's my wish to send them to those cousins come Christmas.
    Aquariusmindfield Aquariusmindfield
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 5, 2009


    My bracelet I had when I was a baby. It's gone walk abouts and I'm trying hard to find it. I really like it, despite my wrist being way too big for it now. I'm pretty sure I know the general area where it is. But I'm not overly confident about it.
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    Jan 20, 2008


    I've had this cute little cat toy since I was small, well, a baby. Corkscrew, or Corky I call him. But now, sniff, he is lost in the wild jungle called my house. I need to go on some sort of exploration of the jungle to find him again. Poor Corky, I miss him! He has this cute...
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 22, 2008

    Something That Completes Me!

    I am searching for something that would complete me! i haven't felt complete in a while now its annoying!
    thug69 thug69
    18-21, M
    Aug 4, 2010

    My Mind?  I Seem to Tempo...

    My mind?  I seem to temporarily lose it quite often! 
    silvermystics silvermystics
    51-55, F
    Jun 1, 2007

    State Items

    I am a collector of sate coffee mugs, keychains, and magnets, and my goal is to have one from each state and also a few countries. That is my one thing i am searching for. The other is peace of mind!
    snowlady snowlady
    36-40, F
    1 Response Sep 15, 2009
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