I Am Sending Out A Spell

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    I Need That Money Now

       Give Back What Is Mine GSPVVWRTPGL. Give Me What I Need. Do It Now.     Anava Ispirini Lila Stag     What is mine I get for my desire     Baravac Asapro Work Cass    You give what I need for my project  ...
    Sickofit666 Sickofit666
    Oct 30, 2009

    Plans Will Be Made

       Three great Norns listen to my song    I have waited for this man too long    Now let me know what my fate shall be    With or without him, let me see.    Let him show me what's in his head    May all the unknown...
    Sickofit666 Sickofit666
    Nov 10, 2009


    hi are there any spells that can cause me to gain weight or get fat?
    ukwantabefat ukwantabefat
    22-25, M
    Aug 3, 2013

    Spell To Hekate

    Hekate Prytania Queen of the Dead Hekas, Hekat, Hekate Adonaea Hekas, Hekat, Hekate Chthonia, of what lies beneath, Hekas, Hekat, Hekate Desponia Hekas, Hekat, Hekate Crataeis, mighty one Hekas, Hekat, Hekate Enodia, Hekate Trivia, Hekate Trioditis, of the 3 ways, Hekate...
    Sickofit666 Sickofit666
    Nov 3, 2009
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