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    Spirit Sensitive

    have been for as long as i can remember.... i know when spirits around as the hairs on my body stand on end and i tingle fom head to toe also get a chill come over me and goosebumps....this is them nearing my auric field, so i know they are coming close.... what most people...
    morningstar107 morningstar107
    41-45, F
    12 Responses Mar 4, 2009

    Whenever I go to places,

    especially new ones, I feel heavy and cautious. One time, I went at the back of my elementary school and saw something it was about to approach me but it ran away. Same thing with other places, at times I can feel the presence or just see them staring but never approach me.
    thelittlemonster thelittlemonster
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 23, 2015

    Ok so I am a little bit confused about what i

    see, hear and feel and was wondering if anyone had similar experiences...so first is seeing what i can only describe as sparkles..most of the time they are white but sometimes dark blue. When i lay in my bed at night and look at my ceiling they're everywhere it kinda looks like...
    Elalala Elalala
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Oct 28, 2014

    I have been this way

    as long as I can remember and people think I am weird because I don't know how to talk to people. My sister is also a sensitive.
    lynn6726 lynn6726
    Jan 24, 2014

    Looking For Others

    Spirits have been around my Mother and I since I was little. I won't go through all the residuals and passersby over the years, but I will highlight a few of my own experiences. I used to think it was all my Mom, that they were drawn to her. But, when I was 11, a part of me began...
    kehanocy kehanocy
    1 Response Nov 21, 2010

    Elalala Elalala
    31-35, F
    Nov 19, 2014

    I been seeing sparkles of light,

    mists, energy and so on as I described in my last post. Lately the severity of these experiences has increased and I am a little lost as to what to do with it. Yesterday I saw a full body apparition of my late best friend. It was just for a few seconds but I recognized him right...
    Elalala Elalala
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Nov 3, 2014

    Well it's happened now.

    I'm seeing them constantly now and I can't get away. They're calling my name and making footsteps and making little specks of light dart around the room. I am sick and exhausted.
    saddeena saddeena
    41-45, F
    1 Response Feb 8, 2014

    Recently I have found

    that I become increasingly violent and crave violence around a full moon. I have always had the ability to read energies hear those that have moved on or any others that may go bump in the night (demons and so on) Many think I could be a medium but that doesn't explain this...
    ambelinasan ambelinasan
    22-25, F
    1 Response May 6, 2015

    Is This a "Gift" Or Suseptibility to External Forces...

    I must confess, I feel like a complete idiot for going down this path but I figured maybe some good lighthearted conversation might help me get to the bottom of my dilemma.  While I believe more that our powerful and mysterious minds and emotions are suseptable to...
    carlytrudeau carlytrudeau
    4 Responses Mar 5, 2008

    Weird Happenings N' Such

    I've always kinda been wary of things around me, but ever since i met a girl who was once my friend.... things have been happening a lot... for almost a year now. First off, i'll get dizzy when something really bad comes around or happens. It's usually hard to tell, but when my...
    candiipup candiipup
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Apr 2, 2008

    I Seem To Be Sensitive To Spirits

    for the last few years i have  been having ghostly experiences i seem to know when they are around and who they are male or female, animal etc i think it started originally years ago when i was little i had a out of body experience and from then i havnt been the same i even knew...
    vicki76 vicki76
    Nov 18, 2011


    So a bit of background story for everyone. My grandparents were able to feel the presence of spirits. My dad can also do this and about 4 of his 6 sisters can also do this. I am one of 3 brothers, the middle one and all my life i have had incidents where i have come across the...
    Ajaay19 Ajaay19
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Oct 19, 2012

    This Weekend...

    This weekend, we spent the night at my father & mother-in laws home, and there was a bad storm. Well, everything in their yard flew away, and the trampoline and trampoline net flew into the yard of an abandoned home on the end of the street, that we assume was foreclosed on. The...
    arpa912 arpa912
    1 Response Aug 22, 2011

    I know I have 3 guardians.

    Two women and a man. I also have clairsentient experiences. I wish I could see and hear spirit and not just feel presences. Sometimes, people come through in spirit for my friends, but I never tell them. I am afraid of being seen as unstable.
    TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
    2 Responses Jul 26, 2014

    A Message

    Please don't read this if you don't believe me, and want to ridicule me. I know it happened, and I'm not bonkers. I have had a spirit companion my whole life, he is attracted to me emotionally for some reason. He tends to protect me from other spirits, like he is jealous or...
    meggs4 meggs4
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 29, 2012

    i woke up with several bruses

    after having a dream about being attact by dark shadows, anyone else had anything like this?
    livelaughlove0987 livelaughlove0987
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 5, 2015

    I've Embraced My Gifts..

    Although I don't always understand them..more on the story later...
    wildchildmagowner wildchildmagowner
    41-45, F
    Sep 17, 2013

    My daughter see's animal spirits

    and I can't see them. I've always been very sensitive to spirits and for a large part of my life I feared them because of something dark that I saw and felt as a child. I feared them so much that I just blocked it out. But I have since embrace my gifts and moved past that...
    meshbegin meshbegin
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Oct 28, 2014

    Sensitive And Confussed.

    I have been sensitive for as long as I can remember when I was younger I would see sprits all the time, and it scared me so bad that I would not even sleep by myself and I felt like I could never tell anyone. Due to what they might think but when I was nine years old I had a very...
    mel1986 mel1986
    31-35, F
    Jul 30, 2013

    A Is For Azalea

    January 8th 2013, I received a phone call from my brother who lives in California. His beautiful wife, 6 months pregnant then, was going into labor. Well, kinda. They were advised from doctors to induce labor. Monica, my brother's wife, is barely 5'0ft tall, maybe 100lbs. So...
    ColombianaQueen ColombianaQueen
    26-30, F
    Jan 21, 2013

    I'm looking for someone like me,

    I see things and I'm not sure how to go about looking for a person like me. I see dead people and other things. I'd really love to meet someone like me.
    MurphyJay6 MurphyJay6
    22-25, F
    Apr 19, 2016

    I was wondering if spirits with dementia,

    bipolar, psychosis, etc. when alive still have it after they pass?
    Fiftypercent Fiftypercent
    1 Response Jul 6, 2015

    I dont care for this tech crap,

    but I would like some help from anyone if you want to clarify and classify that! Three days ago I checked in to a motel here in Lansing MI.It took about 2 hours but a spirit made contact with me as has happened before. While I was seated watching the TV I got the sense of a child...
    ehndog ehndog
    56-60, M
    1 Response Sep 1, 2014
    wishingwellguy wishingwellguy
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Jun 25, 2015

    I Would Like To Strengthen This Ability

    I have had several people tell me that they think I am a 'sensitive' really, for quite some time. It has just recently come up again, and I'm wondering how can you hone that ability or, strengthen that ability? I've always seen unexplained things, or heard things, or had things...
    Sammikins Sammikins
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Aug 2, 2012

    It started as a child.

    I saw a man in a long black cloak with a bald head open my front screen door and walk straight through the closed wooden door. I never forgot it. I had was an outer body experience when I was just a baby. I remember lifting out of my body and looking down at myself in my crib...
    tkdatninja tkdatninja
    26-30, F
    1 Response May 15, 2014

    All my supernatural experiences.

    It's always this old woman. I think I know who, it's my neighbor. There's someone else, a man but I don't know who. This one gives me the chills and I just saw her and writing this is making my head feel weird like numb and everything feels numb. Day once I figured something...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Feb 16, 2016

    Ever since I was a little girl,

    I remember seeing things that should have not been there. My childhood home was haunted, and I knew this because every night a dark figure would stand at the edge and stare at me, not doing much of anything else. I used to squeeze my eyes tight, out of sight out of mind, but I...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 16, 2014

    Wingsmen The Story

    For me it started when I was about 4. That is the first time I can remember what happened to me. I woke up in the middle of the night. We had just moved into our new house and mother was painting my room. So I was sleeping on a cot in their room. I woke up and saw a dark mass in...
    wingsmen wingsmen
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Jun 18, 2013

    Growing up I had instances with

    both positive and negative spirits. Some frightened me and some protected me and some were just my playmates. I am sensitive to spirits and I'm an empath. I feel other's emotions and sometimes their physical pain. I've had prophetic dreams and times where I just know things I...
    KarmaticLove KarmaticLove
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 5, 2015

    Once Is Good Enough

    I guess it started when i was about 12. My family had decided we were going to take a vacation to the beach (me, my older brother, my mom, and my dad). About a month before the actual trip i had a dream that my entire family were standing in this HUGE glass window surrounded room...
    possiblesensitive possiblesensitive
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 26, 2012

    Spirit Guide

    I was more open to my spirit guide when I was a child.  Then real life got in the way and in the past five years, I've tried to reconnect.  I've worked with a few psychic mediums and have had some success.  I tend to block and when I receive visions, I'm not...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 15, 2009

    Confused And Lonely

    my great grandma passed away when i was 9. the night she died a bright light almost like the light on a semi flashed through my room and my room stayed lit for a few seconds and went away. that was my first spirit encounter. ever since then it happens all day and every night. i...
    agreenlund agreenlund
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2011

    I Am Sensitive To Spirits

    Ever since I was a little girl I have constantly felt like I've been being watched. As I got older it was to a point where I could hear voices and see shadows and human like figures that would reach out to me. Doors opening, glass breaking, footsteps, things being hit to where...
    AndOneInPurple AndOneInPurple
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Oct 24, 2012

    Ever since I could remember,

    I've always known I can see/feel/hear spirits or whatever you would like to call them. I see things that others don't. I would even ask them if they see what I do, and the answer is always no. I see 'foggy' people, black, tall and short apparitions. My grandmas new husbands ex...
    RileyOldaker22 RileyOldaker22
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 20, 2014

    Sensitive To The Paranormal All My Life

    For as long as I can I can remember Ive what I call I know call a Sensitive.The last few years Ive been getting more into understanding it and accepting it. I can be in a house and sense something paranormal in the house Im at. Im also sensitive to those close to me who live...
    bilow72 bilow72
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Dec 29, 2009

    Nervous All The Time, Now (self Re-post)

    Ever since I was little, I have had what some deem "paranormal" experiences.  It started when I was two, when invisible entities in our home would apparently scare me out of bed.  My parents thought they were night terrors.. until unseen hands pushed...
    PunkCabaret PunkCabaret
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Dec 29, 2009

    She's steering she's peering She's broken the

    seam Her window She dwindles Multifaceted screams
    wingedjaguar wingedjaguar
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 3, 2014

    Seeing Apparitions

    I have been seeing apparitions for many years, most did not scare me. I have encountered emotions associated with people who have died within 24/48 hours of their death. I'm also a mortician so maybe this is part of why spirits make themselves known to me.
    Missmortician Missmortician
    41-45, F
    1 Response Sep 6, 2013

    My daughter is, but I can't seem to experience

    anything. I'm a bit initiative, but I wish I could see and communicate more. It saddens me that I'm missing out on things around us.
    deleted deleted
    Nov 30, 2014

    I am afraid every night

    when I go to sleep. Some negative energy that is keeping me awake at night. Also effecting my life in the day. A lot of sickness and everything I do seems to go wrong. One night I was asleep and felt someone touching my hands. I tried to say who are you? but the words would not...
    saddeena saddeena
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Jan 8, 2014
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