I Am Slowly Healing

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    It's like im in a daze, kinda hard to say. I know where I've been and i know what feelings bring me back, so i don't ever position myself to ever end up feeling some type of way. A way that brings me back in time, and when my mind wants to remember, it wants to feel what it felt...
    SincerelyJasmineXO SincerelyJasmineXO
    22-25, F
    Nov 13, 2013

    Read This.

    Depression hit me so hard. I have scars on my arm to prove it. But the physical pain never will compare to the pain it inflicted upon my soul. I'm not even trying to be cheesy right now. The **** I'm saying, it's true, because I lived it. Depression crushed my essence, my very...
    CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
    May 8, 2011

    Dwell Or Not To Dwell...

    Looking back when I first started this whole grieving process, I was a complete wreck to be completely honest. I wound continue to have questions but would not get any answers. I'm trying not to dwell on the loss of my sister, because that will get me no where. I can however...
    sisters2getherapart sisters2getherapart
    22-25, F
    Nov 18, 2013


    Today my Narcotics Anonymous sponsor came over and had me read her the letter she had me wrote to myself. The letter was me apologizing to myself for all I have put myself through. It's a very uncomfortable feeling to actually acknowledge how much I have neglected and hurt myself...
    Goose678 Goose678
    22-25, F
    Nov 10, 2013

    Slowly Healing

    I am slowly healing from all the years of abuse i suffred as a child and as a adultWhat is the way I am healing how does it heal me ? its me writting my books the book i am working on now :THE SHADES OF GRACE 2its about surviving and healing threw domistic violance and my other...
    lunnas lunnas
    41-45, F
    May 29, 2011

    A New Life

    It is difficult to walk when until only a few years ago all you knew was to crawl. It is difficult to see when until only a few years ago all you knew was darkness. It is difficult to understand when until a few years ago all you knew was what you were told to. The scars that...
    SeekingAmanda SeekingAmanda
    22-25, F
    Dec 19, 2012

    I Am Healing

    I'm almost healed........................almost. just a little more time.
    Cupcake2 Cupcake2
    22-25, M
    May 29, 2011


      This profile is dedicated to my healing, which is slow, but I hope sure. Here, I don't want to hold back. I have a compelling drive to please and serve, which is partly what slows down the healing process. It is important to be caring for others, but it's important to...
    SlowlyHealing SlowlyHealing
    41-45, F
    Apr 8, 2011

    Smiles are getting easier.

    It's second nature for me to be happy for him in whatever he does. I'm mending my relationship with my parents and aiming for the moon. It's going to be okay. :)
    jasenamigala jasenamigala
    18-21, F
    Jul 12, 2014

    Looked Up

    This wonderful guy has been helping me heal. Truth is he has been for about thirteen years, I just never looked up to see how special he is. I had my heart broken rather harshly and he has helped me through it. I didn't think I would ever get over her but he has proved me wrong...
    thereisnothingwrongwithyou thereisnothingwrongwithyou
    22-25, F
    Oct 3, 2012

    I Crave Substantial Connections.

    I crave substantial connections.  Everybody needs them.  But some are more in touch with that truth than others.  Some pretend the shallow relations they have are enough.  If they were to peel the layers of self-deceit, they would discover that is not true.  But we lose our...
    SlowlyHealing SlowlyHealing
    41-45, F
    Apr 17, 2011

    I am to get my gastrostomy tube out in November.

    I am very excited. I can't wait to start being normal (err... Something like that?) again. Or for once. XD
    deleted deleted
    Aug 15, 2015

    Slowly discovering myself.

    .. Who I am as a person by myself. I'm paying attention to the things I really enjoy in life and the things that were for him. I'm learning to separate myself into an individual from the marriage that was my life for over 12 years. I'm becoming whole by myself. It is a...
    HeUsedToBeMine HeUsedToBeMine
    36-40, F
    Nov 21, 2015
    wingedjaguar wingedjaguar
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Nov 21, 2015

    You can not just tell someone to get over it.

    Everyone takes their own time to heal. Somethings people do to you may take longer than others to mend.
    deleted deleted
    Apr 27, 2015

    Consolation For My Pains

    I just realized that a lot of the issues that I thought were my faults were results of abuses being done to me as a child. Suddenly I learn that there were almost nothing "random" in my life---the obsessive complusive disorder, addiction, mediocracy, financial struggle, violent...
    Excellency Excellency
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Jun 11, 2011

    Copped an infection and dry socket

    after a tooth extraction in July. I have have treated, am still in pain, wound appears to be healing. Had nothing except liquids for 3 weeks. I was getting too weak, have added mashed potato once a day the last 2 days. That will be dinner again tonight. Looking forward to being...
    Charmianx Charmianx
    41-45, F
    Aug 17, 2014

    About two months ago,

    my boyfriend of 7 years left me unexpectedly for one of my close friends. Today is his birthday. I'm struggling to be the better person, to be kind regardless of the pain and suffering he has caused me. I sent him an e-mail. It simply read, "Happy Birthday, I wish you well." I...
    Aquatica Aquatica
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

    It's been nearly 4 1/2 months

    since my awful car accident and I just got a massage with the most wonderful healing hands (massage therapist) I have ever had. (and I've known quite a few in the healing industry) My neck was massaged like never before. I had complete trust in him to help me heal and it was...
    Owleeeeease7 Owleeeeease7
    36-40, F
    Mar 8, 2014

    I knew I was healing

    because of my mentality and maturity in the past few years but in actually beginning to feel the healing and I'm so grateful. It was so dark in my mind before and because of the love I've been shown and gifted I am so grateful to be able to start accepting life again... I'm...
    deleted deleted
    Sep 3, 2015

    Ive realized many problems

    that i have been dealing with is because of things I couldn't let go I never thought logically why I need this "poison" to keep infecting because my emotions have been blinding me with fake illusions. I guess wisdom comes with age I slowly begin realizing that I had to give up...
    SeanDisinsky SeanDisinsky
    18-21, M
    May 5, 2014
    Insanexx Insanexx
    16-17, M
    2 Responses Oct 30, 2014

    ive taught myself how to heal fast,

    my only fear is someone tearing my scab off. :/
    SelinaKyle1 SelinaKyle1
    22-25, F
    Dec 29, 2014
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