I Am Sorry You Have Been Brainwashed By Feminism

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    A girl in my class (known modern femisist')

    just blurted out "ALL MEN ARE USELESS" while the teacher was telling a very personal story on how she had to deal with a student flirting with her. Modern feminism is a safety harbor for men-hating, ignorant women who use it as an excuse to preach about it. I'm so sorry you...
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    A Norwegian documentary showing one of the ways

    in which feminism has become intellectually lazy; rejecting evidence and forgoing skepticism on the basis of ideology.
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    Sep 27, 2014


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    Women's roles in the Bible The status of women

    in the Christian Gospels Sponsored link. Women in ancient Israel: Women's status and freedoms were severely limited by Jewish law and custom in ancient Israel, as they were in essentially all other cultures at the time. Generally speaking: bullet most were restricted to...
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    Jan 29, 2015

    What Is Feminism?

    Simple, It is women or men turning away from their proper roles in exchange for recognition of society, boosting of ego, and money. It is turning your children over to some one else for most of the day so you can succeed, It is placing them in front of video games and the...
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    Feminists Finally Get Equal Obligation?

    Old saying is, 'be careful what you wish for or it may be more than you bargained for.' Yes, They Intend to Draft Your Daughter by William Grigg Because of its centralized, authoritarian nature, the military has always been a target of opportunity for social engineers...
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    Heres A Idea

    I've never understood why it is when two groups of people hate each other as much as the mra and the feminist do they cant seem to leave each other well enough alone. like posting stories calling rape a joke its not funny rape jokes are not funny u want peace then u pull this...
    saintsforever saintsforever
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    Love, Joy, Feminism

    A woman wrote a great story that I agreed with EP Link, and provided me with a link to a post on a site called "Love, Joy, Feminism."  This is what the post states:What Feminism Means to Me May 26, 2012 By Libby Anne 14 Comments I don’t know about you, but I get really tired...
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    Blocked And Then Flagged

    First I got blocked so I couldn't respond to the false claims and bashing they were doing, and then my story pointing this out was apparently flagged (probably by the anti-feminist bashing Mean People gang) because now it is gone. OK folks you asked for it  . . . GAME ON!! 
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    Both Sides, Extremes, Stereotypes And Bashing.

    I've read a lot of stories on here pertaining to anti-feminism and feminism and it appears, much like the conservative vs. liberal debate in politics, it's mainly just about a bunch bashing and assumptions, judging individuals on the basis of a stereotypical group.I do not call...
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    so what does it make someone who refers to women as 1. ***** 2.**** 3.**** 4.***** 5. ***** 6.**** waffle 7. **** there are many other words but i dont have the time to write them down. is there a fine line between it? i dont think i am whatever i am writing about i am a equal...
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