I Am Thanatophobic

Thanatophoby - Fear of Death 23 People

    I'm Scared All The Time....

    This is the first time that I'm actually addressing this issue. After many trips to the ER and the doctor I am told I am healthy. Yea I'm a bit overweight, I smoke and I probobly drink more than I should but on the books I'm healthy as a horse. However every pain is life...
    rivers911 rivers911
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    1 Response Apr 22, 2012

    What Is?

    First of all, for those who dont know this phobia, I will explain: Thanatophobia or necrophobia designates the extreme fear of death or dead things and everything related. I think is important to board this because it is something that affects daily my state of mind. I consider...
    ironie ironie
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    This is an anti-death group experience. Therefore, it isn't allowed diabolic or morbid thoughts. Plus, I recommend you to listen to the video I've submitted, by Aimee Mann. Is beautiful and so alive. I hope it gives you some good feeling. "Prepare a list of what you need...
    ironie ironie
    18-21, F
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     I've been thinking of what happens after life. for months i have been obsessed with this. Sometimes i can't fall asleep for days. I am freaking out on the inside for months i've told one person and that kind of helped but i'm still always scared.
    foursword193 foursword193
    36-40, M
    Jan 28, 2010


    I hate thinking about dieng. It scarres me so much. I have panick attacks and sometimes the rume gets heavey. I wish no one would die. We could be like elves. That was nerdy i dont care.
    tomtombear tomtombear
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    I Am Thanatophobic, I Think.

    i have extreme reactions when i think of dying. i go cold, but hot, i shake, get breathless like my breathing goes wierd, my stomach ends up in knots and i get physically sick, i can't move untill this hold over me has lifted, its like all my muscles have just locked, all i can...
    ansly ansly
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