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    The Psychology Of Identity: "The Absoluteness Of Relativity" (Part 2)

    Absolute Truth is an experience more so than anything that can be known. It can't be known, for what is known is simply information that is only true through the relative truths within experience. Something 'known' is only accepted as knowledge when it is juxtaposed over a...
    DreamingCosmos DreamingCosmos
    Nov 20, 2013

    we are all on a journey of remembrance of who

    and what we are. don't be afraid to face your darkness, like i have for so long. it is no way to live. I am realizing that only by light can darkness be illuminated. Similarly, only by consciousness can unconscious thought be brought to the forefront. I have been remembering who...
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    The Psychology Of Identity: "The Absoluteness Of Relativity" (Part 1)

    Consciousness, in one sense, yields the capacity for experience; the framework and fundamental quality of experience, at its most basic level, is relationships. The dualistic nature of our experience creates these relationships - there is always the observer (the 'I') and the...
    DreamingCosmos DreamingCosmos
    Nov 20, 2013

    I have been told by many a people,

    friend and stranger alike, I possess a certain sentiment that is bitter and cynical. How else can I respond to this except that they are correct in their evaluation of my disposition. The world is cold and cruel, it is inhabited by vile and despicable creatures of all...
    FainofHearts FainofHearts
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    am I that?  am I?
    dubkebab dubkebab
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